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March 5, 2015

If It’s Too Cold To Garden, Start Planning

CrocusThis weekend we get to “spring” forward by turning our clocks ahead one hour. As of 11:30 this morning we are 15 days, 6 hours, 15 minutes and 24… 23… 22 seconds Can you tell we’re excited even though those piles of snow are still outside the windows complete with a shiny layer of ice on top! Mother Nature is just not going to be letting us outside soon — well at least for the next couple weeks. So while we impatiently wait to get outdoors and turn up that soil, let’s spend some time planning and getting organized so that when the weather breaks we are ready to dig in! (more…)

Bare Root Trees for Spring 2015

bare root richIt’s bare root tree time again! Bare root trees are a great way to buy and plant your trees. According to a study at Cornell University bare root trees have 200% more roots than their balled-and-burlapped cousins because of the way they are harvested. They are also lightweight and much easier to handle. And the best reason of all – bare root trees typically perform better. Because they don’t have dirt on their roots they settle into the soil with less transition problems. If you are thinking about adding a tree to your garden, take a look at our bare root tree selections for spring 2015. (more…)

February 19, 2015

You Know You are Suffering From Spring Fever When…


It’s cold and snowy and we want to see some green! Sometimes the only way to survive our brutal winters is to laugh with fellow gardeners. Talk a peak, we’ve compiled our top ten signs that you may be suffering from gardener’s spring fever.


January 1, 2015

Trees and Greens: A Life After Christmas

GreensConesYou’ve decorated your home for the holiday with live greens and a gorgeous tree, but their usefulness doesn’t need to end with the holidays. The Growing Place offers these simple and practical ideas for re-purposing your evergreen trees, holiday wreaths and boughs. (more…)

December 11, 2014

For Bird’s Sake

Cardinal in WinterWinter in Chicagoland is tough for birds. Three things are essential for survival of our feathered friends: food, water and shelter. Feeding birds in the winter is both humane and rewarding. In winter the natural vegetative food supply is either depleted or covered by snow, and insects are dormant. Unfrozen drinking water is scarce and shelter is limited to evergreens or manmade bird houses. Here’s what you can do to supply the essentials birds need to survive the rugged winter and at the same time provide you with backyard entertainment throughout the snowy months ahead. (more…)

November 20, 2014

Add Holiday Sparkle to Your Front Door

Wreath_BirchPoleFor over 3000 years, we have been hanging wreaths in our entry-ways and on the doors of our homes. Originally, garlands and wreaths were hung as a sign of victory and celebration after the athletic games, which eventually became The Olympics. Interestingly, wedding veils also stem from the same custom of celebration: they illustrate the woman’s status and pride. These types of traditions evolved into our hanging of wreaths for holidays — especially Christmas. Both wreaths and swags can lend welcoming seasonal flair to our front door. Wreaths are usually based on pre-made evergreen fir branches twisted and wired to a frame. Door swags are bundles of greens that hang downward.


November 13, 2014

It’s Time to Perk Up Your Porch with Some Color!

Container_3With the onset of plummeting temperatures, all of our pretty summer annuals have withered away, leaving our homes’ curb appeal sadly lacking. Between the cloudy gray days and the old brown leaves, it’s time to perk up our porches with some sparkle, fragrant greens and holiday color. (more…)

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