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We are very excited about this year. Many wonderful things are happening at The Growing Place. We find we are blessed with employees that are extremely knowledgeable and truly love what they do. We are constantly researching new developments to keep you abreast.

As we walk through each location we are taken by their beauty. Not only are the gardens lush, the plants are of the highest quality and the accents striking. Containers in a rainbow of colors and styles are a feast for the eyes.

A renewed awareness of the important role homeowners play in encouraging nature has brought many native plant introductions that are perfect for incorporating into your existing landscape.

We pride ourselves in assisting homeowners to plant for the future with right plants in right places. We won't sell you a plant if it won't thrive in your location. Our Designers have expertise in a multitude of plants, many more that most.

Container Garden Designers create the most beautiful containers, wreaths and swags in season. Stop by and pick one out or ask for assistance in creating your own.

We have a lot of fun along the way from the Mighty Acorns Kids Club to June's Gardener's Art Festival to a Winging it Day in August celebrates birds, butterflies and other winged things! The Fall Festival in September and Pumpkin Palooza in October are really unique.

Happy Planting!

Rich and Carol Massat

February 10, 2014

Add Winter Protection with an Evergreen Tree

picea omorika

Serbian spruce

As you crank your thermostat up yet again, think about adding a tree or two. Evergreens offer a wonderful buffer against winter winds when planted on the north and northwest sides of your property. Plus, they offer four-season beauty, shelter for birds and make great screening plants. (more…)

October 20, 2013

Protect Evergreens This Winter

Green Mountain Boxwood

We love evergreens for their four-season interest especially in a fresh snowfall.  Since they keep their needles/leaves year round, it is important to take some steps to make sure evergreens remain healthy through the winter months as they will continue to lose water and be susceptible to damage from sunscald or windburn. The best protection against winter damage is moderate moisture in the soil. Continue checking the soil under evergreens into early winter or until the ground is frozen.  If we have a dry fall, make sure to keep these plants well watered. (more…)

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