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We are proud to announce that both our children have joined us at The Growing Place and will be learning and growing with us. As many of you already know, Michael has been an integral part of The Growing Place for some years and Becca for about a year, learning the ins and outs of The Growing Place. Some of you have known them since they were little. If you have, be sure to stop by and tell them so!

We received many positive and helpful suggestions from last fall's customer survey. We value your input greatly and are implementing the advice where we can. Many of you mentioned our peaceful garden atmosphere. We love it too! Stop by often to experience their ever-changing beauty.

We’ve planned more activities and classes at our Naperville location.

We've added a Downton Abbey Flower Faire in July, a Beer and BBQ Day in August for our Growing Rewards members and…a monthly 'Garden to Table' culinary series featuring our favorite recipes and tips.

We've incorporated many kid friendly activities into our events and classes We've added more 'Make & Take' garden craft classes throughout the year. They have been a popular way for gardeners to add a little personality to their gardens.

Thank you and happy gardening!
Rich and Carol Massat

August 21, 2014

Going Native

Goldfinch Prairie in Aurora

Goldfinch Prairie in Aurora

Native plants continue to grow in popularity among gardeners, and right now is a good time to plant them so that they can get established before winter. Most people think of their gardens as an expression of beauty; only recently are gardeners considering the impact their personal landscapes have on preserving and promoting wildlife. Native plants provide food and shelter for native wildlife both great and small in a world where both are diminishing commodities. (more…)

July 31, 2013

Winging It Day: Attract Pollinators

monarch on asterIs your garden all abuzz? With a little planning, you can create the perfect environment for our pollinating friends. Why attract pollinators? Your vegetable patch will be even more abundant, your ornamental plants will set more seeds for birds and many pollinators act as beneficial insects by eating pests. Attract these insects with a wide range of flowers for food and enjoy a long season of continuous bloom. (more…)

May 30, 2013

Make a Difference with a Garden

embellished prairie coneflowerBy planting a garden, you can have a tremendous impact on our world. When you incorporate even a few native plants, you create a much-needed haven for wildlife, especially birds and butterflies. Bees, butterflies and bugs all play an important role in fruit and vegetable production as well as charm us with their beauty and grace.  Bats consume an amazing amount of mosquitoes and harmful insects each night. Birds fascinate us with their winged acrobatics and beautiful songs. (more…)

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