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Just one of the more than 40 Learning Gardens at both locations.



Watch our video about The Growing Place Learning Gardens.


Enjoy & Learn in Our Gardens
Keeping new gardeners and veteran green thumbs in mind, we have refined and expanded our existing plantings to create Learning Gardens at each location. You'll find themed gardens demonstrating common situations such as sunny borders, dense shade and wet tolerant areas. There are gardens designed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, showcase long-blooming plants, cutting flowers and an embellished prairie. The miniature garden is one of our most popular, but make sure to search each garden to find a tiny world!

Visit the Learning Gardens often! They change frequently as plants grow and bloom. Each location has about an acre filled with more than 800 well-labeled plants. There's no better way to learn what a plant will do than to see it mature in a garden.


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