Garden Advice

How To Check If Your Plants Need Water

1. Pull mulch back from around the base of the plant and with a small shovel or soil knife dig down 2-3”. If the soil under the surface can be pressed together and holds a shape, there should be adequate moisture. If the soil falls apart when pinched, water will be needed.

2. With a moisture meter gentle press the probe 2-3” into the soil around the base of plant. Two or less on the meter and you will need to water. Three or more and no watering is needed (using a Mini Moisture tester by Rapitest)

Tips For Watering Newly Planted Plants

Your plants are planted! Now you just need to make sure they have enough water. It is the most important part of planting! Follow these simple steps to help keep your plants happy & healthy!

First Day: Water slowly and deeply after planting.

Week 1: Check daily, water slowly and deeply when soil is dry about an inch under the surface. (Use your finger or a moisture meter.)

Week 2: Check every 2 days, water slowly and deeply when soil is dry about an inch under the surface.

Week 3: Check every 3 days, water slowly and deeply when soil is dry about an inch under the surface.

Ongoing: During the rest of season, check at least once a week.

Things To Keep In Mind When You're Watering

Too much water and too little water can look the same. Be sure to check to see if your plants need water first.

Water the roots, not the leaves. It will help keep the leaves healthy.

Water in the morning when it’s cool so more water will soak in and the leaves have time to dry during the day.

2” of mulch around your plants (but not at their base) helps conserve water.

If you have an automatic sprinkler, set it for 40 minutes twice a week instead of every day. Plants do better with longer, less frequent waterings. It’s best to water your new plantings by hand.

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