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5 Plants With Personality

A new shipment of houseplants has arrived and we can’t wait to show them off! We have the easy care varieties, such as Sanseviera, Peperomia, Spider, Pilea, Pothos and indoor succulents. A few unique plants are featured below. You can have a houseplant in every room, a grouping in a sitting area to become a focal point, or a few to line your windowsill. Houseplants breathe life into any space and offer a respite welcoming you home.


Begonia maculata

Polka Dot Begonia

The green and white polka dot foliage with burgundy undersides is sure to draw attention. Place in a shady location outdoors or in medium to low light indoors. Begonias can be mixed with other plants, or set alone in a hanging basket or container. Water when the soil surface is slightly dry to the touch.


Pleomele Reflex Song of India

Dracaena Reflexa

This plant boasts a bright yellow variegation as it grows upright 2’-3’. Place in bright indirect light, away from vented air flow and animals. ‘Song of India’ can be set on a saucer of pebbles in water or misted to add humidity. Water when the soil surface is slightly dry to the touch and keep in a well drained pot. Feed through the summer months with a balanced houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength.


Peperomia Prostrata

String of Turtles

New for 2022, the leaves of this adorable trailing plant resemble turtle shells. Drought tolerant and perfect for beginners, String of Turtles is forgiving. Place in indirect sunlight, letting soil completely dry out between watering. Will trail 6”-12” from a hanging basket or container set on your desk or table for conversation and décor.


Alocasia amazonica ‘Polly’

Taro, Elephant Ear

The contrast of the dark green, heart-shaped, ruffled  leaves against its white veins is striking. To mimic its natural environment, place in a bathroom or kitchen with bright, indirect light and humidity, or set on a pebble tray with water. Water when soil surface is slightly dry, making sure the pot drains well. Fertilize every two weeks with half strength houseplant fertilizer. Will grow 1’-2’ H by 1’-2’ W.


Calathea lancifolia

Rattlesnake Plant

Picturesque, as if the leaves were painted with watercolors, the Rattlesnake plant grabs attention. The bright green leaves are striped with ovals of dark green and accented by a rich purple underside. Show it some love by placing near indirect sunlight in a container with good drainage and water when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch. Mist or keep the pot on a tray of pebbles filled with water and dust the foliage occasionally. Feed in spring and summer with houseplant fertilizer following package directions. Grows upright 1′-2′ H by 3″-6″ W.