Right now perennial hibiscus are putting on a show with their impressive, super-sized, bold blooms. Use them as a focal point in a large perennial garden or planted at the edge of a pond. These plants love water and sun! They’re perfect for a place that tends to collect water but will also be happy in any full sun to part shade garden with a little supplemental watering during extra dry spells. Flowers start opening mid to late summer into early fall.

We have 15+ varieties to choose from ranging in size from the small-statured ‘Luna’ series at 2’-3’ tall x 18”-24” wide all the way up to ‘Mars Madness’, which can reach up to 4’-5’ tall by 6’-8’ wide! Leaf colors range from fresh green to lush burgundy to almost black. All varieties no matter the size sport 6”-8” or even 10” flowers. Check out some of our favorites:

Hibiscus ‘Mars Madness’

Big color from big flowers on a big plant. 6”-8” magenta-red flowers with red centers. Flowers are produced from the top of the plant to the bottom. Newly emerging foliage is coppery purple, turning to dark olive green foliage with a copper highlight. This particular variety can grow up to 4’ – 5’ high by 6’ – 8’ wide.


Hibiscus ‘Midnight Marvel’

A stunning combination of deep wine purple, maple-like foliage, and huge, bright scarlet red 8”-10” flowers makes this hibiscus a real show stopper. It has a relatively compact, shrub-like habit. A fantastic long flowering selection. This variety is on the smaller size reaching 3’ – 4’ high by 3’ – 4’ wide.


Hibiscus ‘Summerific® Perfect Storm’

This variety features light pink 6” – 8” flowers with white overtones and a red eye with maple-like leaves that are almost black. It makes a great addition to your garden but with its upright growth habit it can also be used in your outdoor containers (if you’re willing to treat it like an annual as it will most likely not overwinter in a pot.) ‘Summerific® Perfect Storm’ grows up to 2’ – 3’ high by 2’ – 3’ wide.


Hibiscus ‘Starry Starry Night’

The dark plum foliage on ‘Starry Starry Night’ is a great backdrop to the huge 7”-8” flowers of pastel to deepest pink flowers. This new more compact variety produces flowers from the top to the bottom so it will bloom more throughout the summer. Deadheading will also promote more blooms. It will grow 3’ – 4’ high by 3’ – 4’ wide.


Hibiscus ‘Summer in Paradise’

Dark red flower buds open to hot tropical, magenta huge blossoms. The leaves are medium green with olive green edges. This is also a newer variety that produces flowers from the top to the bottom for more blooms throughout the summer. Deadheading can promote more blooms. ‘Summer in Paradise’ will grows to 3’ – 5’ high by 3’ – 4’ wide.


Hibiscus add drama but they are no drama queens (or kings), they are just late risers. You won’t see new growth appear in spring until late May/early June but once you do, they’ll grow quickly. They are also deer resistant and one of our Growing Place Choice plant selections. Growing Place Choice plants are hand selected by us because they are strong performers year after year, staying attractive with less maintenance when planted in the right place.