2018 Bare Root Tree List

It's bare root tree time again! Bare root trees are a great way to buy and plant your trees. According to a study at Cornell University, bare root trees have 200% more roots than their balled-and-burlapped cousins because of the way they are harvested. They are also lightweight and much easier to handle. And the best reason of all – bare root trees typically perform better. Because they don’t have dirt on their roots they settle into the soil with less transition problems. If you are thinking about adding a tree to your garden, take a look at our bare root tree selections for spring 2018.

Read our blog on how to plant bare root trees.

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Firefall Maple (Acer x freemanii ‘Firefall’)


An excellent male cultivar that will not produce seeds. Performs well in our clay soils. Bright orange to scarlet fall color develops earlier than some of the other Freeman maple cultivars. Fast growth rate. Full sun Average soil, drought tolerant, wet tolerant Grows 50’ - 60’ H by 30’ - 40’ W; Upright oval shape • Disease resistant • Great Fall Color

Size: 5’; Preorder cost: $67; After March 31 cost: $84

MN Strain Redbud (Cercis canadensis)


Best known for the purplish-pink flowers that open before the leaves appear. Brown seed pods persist into winter. Heart-shaped foliage turns yellow in fall. Will not tolerate wet soil. Mulch well. Medium growth rate. Full sun to part shade. Average soil. Blooms PINK in Apr, May. Grows 25’ - 30’ H by 20’ - 25’ W; Vase-shaped. • Growing Place Choice

Size: 5’; Preorder cost: $67; After March 31 cost: $84

Pagoda Dogwood (Cornus alternifolia)


This low-branched, native tree adds an excellent horizontal element to the garden. Flat-topped flower clusters are attractive in late spring. Fall color can develop to a reddish-purple. Maintain a 2” to 3” layer of organic mulch. Slow to medium growth rate. Part shade. Moist soil
Blooms WHITE in May. Grows 15’ - 20’ H by 15’ - 20’ W; Spreading • Attracts birds • Fragrant plant • Winter interest • Great Fall Color

Size: 4’; Preorder cost: $49; After March 31 cost: $64

Emerald City Tuliptree (Liriodendren tulipifera)


Stately, native tree for large areas. Beautiful greenish-yellow flowers with orange centers are reminiscent of tulip flowers and are most often found high in the tree. Spectacular golden yellow fall color. Prune in winter. Fast growth rate. Full sun. Average soil. Blooms YELLOW in May. Grows 70’ - 80’ H by 40’ - 50’ W; Oval-Rounded • Attracts birds • Great Fall Color • Growing Place Choice.

Size: 6’; Preorder cost: $67; After March 31 cost: $84

China Snow Peking Lilac (Syringa pekinensis ‘China Snow’)


This lilac is a Chicagoland Grows® introduction that is both hardy and beautiful, with attractive, exfoliating, amber-colored bark and rounded habit. It is a dependable urban tree and a great choice even for a parking lot, boulevard, and parkway plantings. Medium growth rate. Full sun to part shade. Moist, well-drained soil. Blooms WHITE in June. Grows 20’ - 30’ H by 15’ - 25’ W; Rounded. • Fragrant plant • Winter interest • Pollinator plant.

Size: 6’; Preorder cost: $84; After March 31 cost: $99

Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac (Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk’)


Beautiful specimen tree with flowers that are larger than the species. Reddish-brown, cherry-like bark adds winter interest to the landscape. Medium growth rate. Full sun to part shade. Well-drained soil. Blooms WHITE in June. Grows 20’ - 25’ H by 20’ - 25’ W; Rounded. • Fragrant plant • Winter interest • Growing Place Choice

Size: 5’ LB; Preorder cost: $67; After March 31 cost: $84

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