5 Top Trees to Plant in Fall

Trees and shrubs define the lines, shade and screening of landscape design. Trees placed in the right place can provide shade for a home, create a barrier against winter winds and reduce soil erosion. The Growing Place researches and provides top choices for varieties that are proven to perform well in our area. The advantages of planting trees in the fall include:

Cooler temperatures and warm soil allow for vigorous root development

Less sunlight and shorter days provide moisture in the soil

Fall plantings will be more established and bloom on schedule the following year

Eric Gundersen, TGP Nursery Manager reminds us that “There is growth happening below ground even though it may look dormant above ground.” Trees can be planted well into November as long as the ground isn’t frozen, and that doesn’t usually happen around here until December. Five tree varieties Eric recommends for fall planting are: Oaks, Maples, Honey Locust, Japanese Tree Lilacs, and Crabapples.

As Growing Place Choice Plants, these trees are selected for easy maintenance of a successful, long-lasting landscape. Our qualified staff gives instructions on planting and watering when discussing the right plants for your landscape. Eric says you want to duplicate a tree’s natural surroundings in your landscape design. For example, in a forest, the dropped leaves stay at the base of the tree and provide nutrients to the roots as they decompose. In many landscaped yards, leaves are raked and cleared. Here are some tips to help a newly planted tree thrive.

  • Strip sod from around the tree base. Grass soaks up water and nutrients before it gets to the roots of the tree.

  • Mulch the area around the tree with 2”-3” hardwood mulch, not gravel or lava rock.

  • Since tree roots spread out, not down, a flip-flop oscillating sprinkler works well, but it’s best to water new plantings by hand.

  • If the soil is dry an inch below the surface, water slowly and deeply in the morning.


(note: this is a very rootbound tree. We decided that instead of selling it we would plant it on the property to see how it performs with the square root cutting method.)

Need help picking out the right tree for your yard? Come in and talk with our experienced Tree and Shrub staff and they will be happy to give you some recommendations for your home. If you'd like more detailed advice schedule an In-Store Coaching/Design appointment for this fall or schedule an At-home appointment for next spring by calling 630-820-8088x125 or email landscape@thegrowingplace.com.

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