Art Accentuates the Garden

Have you noticed that almost every magazine photo of a garden has a piece of garden art in them? That is no accident. Every garden needs a focal point, something to draw the eye, something that adds interest. Focal points can be many different things. Containers, benches, found objects, large flowering and/or leafed plants are just a few ideas. Garden sculptures, trellises, arbors, mirrors, fountains, and wall art are some of the many options for garden art. You get the idea, once you get the concept of using focal points, the choices are endless!



Garden art (focal points) do not have to be one of a kind. They can be small groupings of coordinated pieces. The groupings should be viewed as one unit. Be careful not to overload your garden with too many items or to scatter them.

Study your gardens. Look for where the focal point should be. Where is it located? If it is near an outer edge, you may find that it feels a little awkward. Move it closer to the center if possible.


You can get creative and add a little of your personality to your gardens. You can add elements outside that you might not consider inside your home or, bring your interior decorating style outdoors using similar colors, style lines, and art that represents your "look".

Art anchors a garden

Focal points also should be surrounded or framed by complimentary plants. A fountain or another focal point looks much better in front of a simple backdrop of grasses, shrubs or evergreens. As an added bonus to framing the focal point, the background plants can also hide unsightly views.


Planning and planting a garden is like painting a picture. Instead of paints you'll be using the colors and textures of the plants and adding unique accents. Unlike a painting, a garden is an ever changing canvas that is also a beneficial addition to our environment!

Looking for a unique piece? Come to the Gardener's Art Festival this Saturday, June 25 to shop local artists and our gardens! Have fun and enjoy!

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