Bare Root Trees for 2014 Now In!

Bare root plants are lightweight, easy to handle, transport and plant. They often adapt quickly and begin growing right away. Check out the list of bare root trees now available. Quantities are limited. Please call the Tree and Shrub Department at either location to reserve your tree. Trees should be planted immediately (planting instructions included). Planting services are available for a fee. Bare root trees are warranted for one year for the purchase price. Click on the tree name for more details.

Crimson Sunset Maple (6’ whip)
Acer truncatum x platanoides ‘JFS-KW202’30’-40’x 25’-30’ upright oval

Deep purple foliage makes this an excellent small shade or specimen tree. Fall color of maroon to reddish bronze. Medium growth rate.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry (4’ MS)
Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’ 20’-25’ x 15’-20’ vase-shaped

Great four-season small tree that blooms white in the spring. The berries are devoured by birds. Fall color is yellow to red. Medium growth rate

Redbud (5’ MS)
Cercis canadensis 25’-30’ x 20’-25’ vase-shaped

Purplish pink flowers cover the twigs, appearing before the leaves. The heart-shaped foliage of this native tree turns yellow in fall. Medium growth rate.

Pagoda Dogwood (3’ LB)
Cornus alternafolia 15’-20’ x 15’-20’ spreading

Flat-topped flower clusters are pretty on this horizontal small tree. Fall color will reddish-purple. Slow to medium growth rate.

Golden Glory Dogwood (5’ BR)
Cornus mas ‘Golden Glory’ 12’-15’ x 8’-10’ oval

One of the first small trees to bloom yellow in spring. Red berries will be eaten by birds. Bright red-purple fall color. Exfoliating bark makes a pretty winter show. Slow growth rate.

Pinky Winky Hydrangea Tree (3’)
Hydrangea paniculata ‘DVPpinky 8’-10’ x 8’-10’ rounded

A lovely tree-form of hydrangea that blooms white in July. Large pyramidal flowers fade to two-tone, the oldest blossoms becoming deep pink. Medium growth rate.

Tulip Tree (6’)
Lirodendron tulipifera 70’-80’ x 40’-50’ oval rounded

Beautiful greenish-yellow flowers with orange centers are reminiscent of tulips and found most often high in the tree. Golden yellow fall color on this native tree. Fast growth rate.

Royal Raindrops Crab (5’ LB)
Malus ‘JFS-KWS’ 15’-20’ x 15’-20’ rounded

Bright pink, single flowers age to a cream-pink with deep margins. Deeply lobed foliage emerges a deep purple in spring. Orange-red fall color. Medium growth rate.


BR – branched

LB – lightly branched

MS – multi-stem

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