Bareroot Trees & Shrubs for 2019

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Acer 'Fire Fall' • Size: 1" • Preorder* price: $89 (After March 31 $99)
Excellent male cultivar that will not produce seeds. Performs well in our clay soils. Bright orange to scarlet fall color develops earlier than some of the other Freeman maple cultivars. Fast growth rate. Full sun. Average soil, drought tolerant, wet tolerant Grows 50’ - 60’ H by 30’ - 40’ W


Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple SOLD OUT

Acer saccharum ‘Bailsta’ • Size: 5' LB • Preorder* price: $67 (After March 31 $79)
Outstanding shade tree with thick, leathery, glossy green foliage that is resistant to leaf tatter. Fall colors are a brilliant yellow, orange and red. Avoid compacted soil and salt spray. Faster growth rate than other Sugar Maples. Full sun to part shade Average, well drained soil Grows 60’ - 70’ H by 40’ - 50’ W.


Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry LIMITED QUANTITIES
Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’ • Size: 3' CL Preorder* price: $54 (After March 31 $69)
Great four season plant that is covered with white flowers in spring. The berries turn to an apple red in summer and are soon eaten by robins. Fall colors of yellow to red contrast the handsome gray bark. Medium growth rate. Full sun to part shade Average soil, wet tolerant Blooms WHITE in May Grows 20’ - 25’ H by 15’ - 20’ W



Cercis canadensis • Size: 6' • Preorder price: $78 (After March 31 $99) Best known for the purplish-pink flowers that open before the leaves appear. Brown seed pods persist into winter. Heart-shaped foliage turns yellow in fall. Will not tolerate wet soil. Mulch well. Medium growth rate. Native Full sun to part shade Average soil Blooms PINK in Apr, May Grows 25’ - 30’ H by 20’ - 25’ W.



Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold' • Size: 1" • Preorder price: $119.00 (After March 31 $134)
A handsome tree with asymmetrical, broadly conical shape. Durable tree for difficult landscape situations. Excellent golden yellow fall color. Male cultivar. Slow to medium growth rate. Full sun Average soil Grows 50’ - 60’ H by 40’ - 50’ W.


Limelight Hydrangea Tree Form SOLD OUT
Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' Tree Form • Size: 3' • Preorder* cost: $67 (After March 31 $79)
Large, full, conical shaped flowers start out chartreuse, change to white and then age to a lovely pink mauve. Outstanding shrub for summer color and autumnal display. Use as an accent plant or to anchor a perennial bed. Medium growth rate. Full sun to part shade Average soil Blooms WHITE in July, Aug, Sept Grows 6’ - 8’ H by 6’ - 8’ W.


Liriodendren tulipifera • Size: 5' LB • Preorder* pricing: $67 (After March 31 $79)
Stately tree for large areas. Beautiful greenish-yellow flowers with orange centers are reminiscent of tulip flowers and are most often found high in the tree. Spectacular golden yellow fall color. Prune in winter. Fast growth rate. Native Full sun Average soil Blooms YELLOW in May Grows 70’ - 80’ H by 40’ - 50’ W.


Malus 'DurLeo' • Size: 6' LB • Preorder* price: $59 (After March 31 $69)
An exciting new introduction, this is a very hardy, narrowly upright to columnar ornamental tree with showy pink flowers followed by smallish purple fruit and rich burgundy-purple leaves all season; used for its distinctive form. 18' high by 9' wide. Full sun.


Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree Form SOLD OUT
Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' • Size: 4' • Preorder* price: $89 (After March 31 $99)
A Dwarf Korean Lilac grafted to a single stem that is an ideal compact tree for a small area. Spectacular in flower. Fall color can be a reddish-purple. Slow growth rate. Full sun to part shade Average, well drained soil Blooms LAVENDER in May Grows 8’ - 10’ H by 10’ - 12’ W.


Populus tremuloides • Size: 5' LB • Preorder* price $67 (After March 31 $79)
The leaves of this fast-growing tree flutter in the slightest breeze and develop a good yellow fall color. Cream colored bark darkens with age. Fast growth rate. Native Full sun Average soil Grows 40’ - 50’ H by 25’ - 30’ W.


Hedging Shrubs Available Bare Root


Cheyenne Privet
Ligustrum vulgare 'Cheyenne' • Size: 2' • Sold in bundles of 10, $14.99 per shrubBest used as a hedging or screening plant. A tough, vigorous growing shrub that is best pruned after flowering to reduce reseeding. Fast growth rate. Full sun to part shade Average, well drained soil Blooms WHITE in June Grows 10’ - 12’ H by 8’ - 10’ W.


Chinese Lilac
Syringa x chinensis • Size: 2' • Sold in bundles of 10, $14.99 per shrub
Highly fragrant flowers bloom for 4 to 6 weeks. Foliage and branches are smaller than the common lilac giving this plant finer texture and a more graceful appearance. Medium growth rate. Full sun to part shade Average, well drained soil Blooms LAVENDER in May Grows 10’ - 12’ H by 10’ - 12’ W;


*Must be paid in full to receive Pre-order price. Pre-order by March 31.

Cl - multi stem form
LB - Light Branched
Limited #'s on some varieties.


Planting Bare Root Trees

  • Bare root trees should be planted as soon as possible, otherwise, be sure they are stored in a cool place and out of direct sunlight.

  • Soak the tree roots in water for 12-24 hrs before planting. This will awake the roots and allow them to soak up needed moisture.

  • Prune off any split or broken roots or branches, using pruners that are sharp enough to keep from crushing or fraying the roots.

  • The planting hole should be wide enough to allow the roots to spread out without bending. The planting depth for a bare root tree should have the root flare at ground level. The root flare is the point where the trunk is flared and the roots begin. Place a board or stick across the hole to indicate the level where the root flare should be. Break up the clumps of soil taken from the hole as backfill.

  • Hold the tree straight and at the proper height, backfill loosened soil under and around the roots first, packing it firmly. Keep filling the remainder of the hole by packing the soil firmly until just about the original grade level and water.

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