Brighten Up Your Shade!

One of the more common questions we get is what will bloom in the shade. We have some great answers for you!

For color all summer you will want to plant annuals. Begonias top the list of flowering plants for shade with New Guinea Impatiens close behind. Unfortunately our standby Impatiens walleriana have fallen out of favor because of their likelihood of developing downy mildew.

Begonias can range in size from small, wax begonias that serve as great for mass planting in garden beds and smaller containers. They grow well in both shade and sun and require little maintenance. We sell them in 4-packs. Non-stop and hiemelis begonias provide huge, showy flowers and are best planted in containers and hanging baskets. Dragon wing begonias come in pink and red and are exceptionally easy care.

New Guinea impatiens grow best in light shade. They offer huge flowers and colorful leaves. Another type of impatiens, called SunPatiens will perform well in the sun and in part shade. Again, they are quite stunning. Both are resistant to downy mildew.

To our list of annuals that thrive in the shade, we add Browallia’s light blue flower, Lobelia which has sun and shade-loving cultivars, Coleus and Polka Dot plants whose leaves brighten shady spots, and more.

For color in the shade that will return year after year, Perennials are excellent choices. A few of the highlights in this vast assortment of plants you may want to consider: Coral Bells (Heuchera) and Hostas whose leaves add color all summer, Astilbe for showy plumes in early summer, Pulmonaria ‘Raspberry Splash’ with pink and blue flowers on the same plant, Corydalis, yellow or white blooms for a good part of the summer, and Lamiums for their silvery leaves and a bonus of violet or white flowers.

For shrubs that will offer glorious blooms even in the shade, look to Hydrangeas and Rhododendrons. Chokeberries offer glossy leaves and prolific small white flowers in part shade situations. We’ve also found the Dwarf Korean Lilac to bloom well in part shade with the added bonus of a wonderful fragrance.

Another way to brighten up your shade is to add white or light-colored accents. Containers, arbors, benches all!

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