Delectable, Edible Herbs!

There is nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labor. Whether you are new to growing your own herbs, vegetables, and fruit or have been eating home grown tomatoes for years, we salute you for getting back to the basics and growing your own produce. This week, Gail, our Gardener in Aurora, is harvesting snow peas and root vegetables, such as beets, turnips, carrots, and onions. Those will be tasty on the grill! She also has the makings for a healthy salad with cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, and kale. You can experiment with herbs by making a herb vinaigrette using your own parsley, basil, thyme or cilantro.

temp-post-imageTricolor Sage & Sweet Basil

Summer is the perfect season to try simple recipes with your herbs. Blending nicely with fruit for a refreshingly flavored ice water, we received rave reviews when we paired lemon and thyme, lime and mint, and blackberry with sage at our Gardener’s Art Fest. Need an appetizer for your next summer party? Make an herbed cream cheese with fresh dill and lemon zest and spread on cucumber bites.

temp-post-imageThyme and Greek Columnar Basil

Herbs require very little space, making them easy to grow in containers. Stop by and see the many varieties to try as you sharpen your culinary skills. Rosemary, thyme, and sage are more drought tolerant and can be mixed in the same pot. Basil and parsley soak up more moisture. Mint is best potted alone. Herbs, like rosemary, basil, or some of the less hardy sages like golden and tricolor, planted in the garden can be transplanted to containers and moved indoors to a bright, sunny window over winter.

Choose to grow herbs that you already enjoy in your favorite recipes. A starter garden can produce the makings for a favorite vinaigrette, salsa or pesto. Herbs are used in sauces and marinades and sprinkled over salads and cooked dishes for added color and flavor. Fresh is best, but if you freeze some herbs with water in an icecube tray, you'll have them on hand any time. Woody herbs like oregano, thyme, and rosemary retain their flavor when dried.

temp-post-imageGolden Sage

Top your burger with mozzarella, a fresh tomato slice, and a basil leaf. Mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and garlic from your garden to drizzle over top. Basil, oregano, and thyme are the triple threat when competing in cook-offs. Chopped fresh and added to grilled veggies and meats, they are a proven crowd-pleaser. Hungry yet? The aromas and flavors of fresh herbs will delight your senses and liven up your cooking skills. Enjoy learning how to care for your herbs and using them in new recipes. Look forward to savings and no more boring dinners!

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