Designing for Fall Color

Fall is a great time to plant. Trees, shrubs, and perennials have time to develop their root system before the winter freeze. When the soil is warm and the air is cooler, adding to your garden is easier on the plants and the gardener. Here are some great choices for autumn color in stock now.

Three foliage trees featured are the Red Oak, Columnar Hornbeam and Maples. The Red Oak (Quercus rubra) stands stately as a lawn or street tree, turning red in the fall. With a medium to fast growth rate, this native is also disease resistant. The Columnar Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is wonderful for screens, hedges, and groupings with leaves of yellow gold in fall. Maple (Acer) varieties range in color from pale yellow to brilliant orange and crimson red to burgundy. Ask our Tree and Shrub staff which tree is right for your space.

temp-post-imageMany think of the Oak Leaf Hydrangea for its summer flowers, but the leaves are the showstopper in fall, turning to rich reds touched with burgundy, bronze, and purple. Viburnums are fragrant with flowers in spring and summer, then change to spectacular wine and burgundy reds. The durable, easy to grow Diervilla, or Honeysuckle Bush varieties turn orange, burgundy, and purple in fall. Any of these shrubs will add year-round interest to a landscape.

temp-post-imageAsters are here and in full bloom! They attract butterflies and combine well with perennial grasses or make a statement along a border. One perennial grass that stands out in fall is Little Bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparius). The blue-gray stems take on shades of bronze, copper, and burgundy. Heuchera is another perennial that packs a punch of fall color in purple, amber, burgundy, and bronze. They like part shade and also provide year-round interest in a garden.
temp-post-imageA plant’s genetic factors and the environment control changes in foliage color. When the days get shorter and temperatures cool, chlorophyll breaks down and the yellow pigments show. Sunny fall days and cool nights increase a plant’s sugar content and intensify reds. Learn more about fall color at the UofI Extension ‘Miracle of Fall’.

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