DIY: Succulent Pumpkin

Want to learn how to make those beautiful succulent pumpkins our Container Design Team have been putting together this fall season? Well look no further, we have a simple step by step guide to making your new favorite fall decoration.

Pumpkin + Succulent = Pump-culent!


Supplies you will use for this project:

  • Several pumpkins of varying size/color/shape.

  • Moss

  • Various succulents or sedums

  • Dried leaves or grass stalks, maybe some acorns or pinecones

  • Hot glue
  • Clear coating (optional)

The first step is to find the perfect pumpkin for the job. You want to find a pumpkin with a natural indent near the stem. Once you do this you can prep the pumpkins by cleaning them off and shortening or removing the stem.


After you have prepped your pumpkins, if you would like a shiny exterior, you will need to apply a clear adhesive coat to the pumpkin. You can find this at any craft store or art supply store. Not only does this protect the pumpkins, allowing them to stay beautiful through Thanksgiving and beyond, but it also adds a nice shine to the exterior.


After the clear coat dries you can fire up your hot glue gun, and now the real fun starts! You will want to take a wad of your moss and glue it into the indent of your pumpkin. This will be where you will attach all of your succulent/sedum plants and dried goods to create your display.


Next, you will cut off various parts of your plants to attach to the pumpkin. I started with the larger piece as the center point. For both the large and small pumpkin started with a large Hens and Chicks in the middle of the pumpkin. After the plant was set, I then added smaller Hens and Chicks and dried plants around it. I did not have a set image in my head of what the arrangement would look like, I just kept adding plants to it as I went. There really is no wrong way to attach your materials, just keep adding until you like how it looks. This was my result:


Caring for your Pump-culent

These unique decorations require very little care, all you have to do is mist the plants at the most, once a week. Actually, the one I made last fall and was on my counter through January and I probably only remembered to mist it once a month. They last a long time because we don't carve into the pumpkin and the succulents will survive on very little water. You can enjoy them pretty much anywhere in your home. I would recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight so that the pumpkin doesn't go bad as fast. The succulents are just very long-lasting cut "flowers"!

Hope your fall season is full of wonderful pumpkin decorations and warm spirits! Don’t forget to take pictures of your beautiful succulent pumpkins and send them to us! We love to see what you create.

If you would like some help making one of these "Pump-culents" come to Pumpkin Palooza on Saturday, October 7! Joannie will in the classroom from 11am-3pm to assist you.

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