June Showers Bring Mushroom Towers

What a rainy June we had. Hopefully things will start to dry out soon. Until then, we’ve gathered some answers to the questions we’ve been hearing lately.

Things That Look Worse Than They Are

  • Mushrooms—Don’t fret, the mushrooms you’ve seen sprouting in your mulch or other damp places are not harmful to your plants. If you can’t bear to look at them, you can dig them out but give them a wide berth to make sure that you don’t disturb them too much. You want to be careful to not spread their spores. Place them in a bag and put them in your trash. You don’t want to put these in your compost pile.

  • Lichen—perfectly normal on trees and shrubs and won’t hurt them.

  • Yellowing leaves on trees and shrubs—Since this spring was so cool, many plants like birches, serviceberries, and even viburnum shot up a lot of new growth. Now that it’s getting warmer you might see some of their leaves turn yellow and fall off. It’s okay.


  • Watch for Black Spot or Powdery Mildew. You can combat these with Espoma Earth-tone 3-N-1. It’s also important to water from the bottom (if they need water) to avoid getting moisture on their leaves.

  • We’ve also seen a lot of rose leaves being eaten by a little worm. By the time you spot the damage they cause, they’ve already moved on. Thankfully, the damage is just aesthetic. If you see them in action you can spray Espoma Earth-tone 3-N-1 or Espoma Earth-tone Insect Control but if you only see the damage they’ve left behind, spraying will not help.

Soggy containers

Make sure you have proper drainage. If you’ve lost any plants due to the wet conditions, now is the time to replace them with some bright, colorful annuals or some perennials with great foliage that will take your containers into the fall.


Hostas are a perfect snack for slugs. We carry Espoma Earth-tone Slug and Snail Control. It’s labelled for organic gardening and safe around pets and wildlife. Another method is to wet some newspaper and loosely roll it up. The slugs will crawl in and you can throw the newspaper away in the morning. Or better yet, get them drunk (sort of). Bury a glass jar or a small plastic container so it is level with the top of the soil and fill it halfway up with beer. The slugs will climb in.

Rotting roots

We’ve been seeing some shrubs with rotted roots. With all this rain, pull the the mulch away from the base of your shrubs (about 6-8”) to give them some time to dry out.

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