Living Mulch: Easy Groundcovers

There are many easy, low-maintenance perennial groundcovers that provide excellent texture, flowers or fragrance and create a living mulch. Beyond pachysandra, vinca and ivy, try one of these as good, ground-covering plants for your beds, between stepping stones and along walkways.

Carex or sedge – For a soft, grass-like look, try a sedge! These short, graceful plants in general prefer moist part shade, but many will handle full sun, full shade or dry conditions. They can be excellent companions with hosta under trees. We carry more than 22 varieties. In particular, check out Carex jamesii and Carex pensylvanica, two native sedges that fill in quickly and provide food for birds.
Lysimachia or creeping jenny – The bright yellow-green leaves of creeping jenny form a dense groundcover in full sun to part shade. It prefers average to moist soils and can be quite aggressive in a wet situation. Try it also in containers for a beautiful spiller.
Meehania or Meehan’s mint – A slow spreader for part shade to full shade, it has heart-shaped bright green leaves and lavender flowers. Try it with ferns and ligularia in moist soil for a distinctive texture.
Sedum or stonecrop – We carry more than 50 kinds of sedum! The creeping varieties of sedum make excellent groundcovers in sunny, well-draining, sites and are very drought tolerant. A few easy-care varieties include Sedum kamtschaticum, ‘Red Carpet’ and ‘Angelina’. Sedums bloom white, pink, yellow, and red.
Thymus or thyme –We love it as a hardy foot-friendly groundcover that rabbits avoid. Creeping thymes are best for groundcovers and we carry a huge selection. They bloom in pink, white and red, preferring full sun to part shade and well-drained soils. They are particularly drought tolerant, too.

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