New and Noteworthy for 2015

As you’re reading this it is officially spring according to our calendars. Though temps are lagging, the ground is thawing and I bet you’re wondering what’s new for your 2015 gardens. Our plant experts Mary Saba and Kyle Lambert revealed many of the new plants at our class last Saturday and some truly bear repeating! They also reminded us of many noteworthy plants that could be overlooked in a pot but can really add impact to our gardens.

Planting Determinates

Mary began discussing the proper locations, highlighting that each plant has primary and secondary determinants for identification of the proper location in your yard. Plants are tagged for sunlight (full sun, part shade, etc.) as a primary determinant. The secondary determinant is the moisture level of the soil, (dry, moist, drought or wet tolerant). Many plants labeled full sun/part shade can handle full sun all day as long as the soil has the proper moisture level. A NEW variety of Chelone obliqua, (Tiny Tortuga, Turtlehead) is a perfect example of a full sun to part shade plant that has a secondary determinant of moist soil, wet tolerant. This is the miniature version of Chelone lyonii, (Hot Lips), that is slower growing and forms denser clumps. It will do very well in full sun as long as in has proper daily moisture. Chelone obliqua, (Tiny Tortuga, Turtlehead ) is a plant to intermingle with annuals for a good color contrast in a drier soil. Our Plant Guide is the best resource for all the right determinants.

The Hellebores Explosion

Hellebores (Lenten Rose) are one of the finest, cold tolerant, early flowering plants in cultivation. In 2015 we are adding 2 new varieties; Ballerina Ruffles and Love Bug, exploding our offerings of Hellebores to NINE different varieties. Their showy, colorful blooms will be the first to bloom in your garden in part shade, moist well-drained soil. After blooming they leave behind beautiful foliage, generally leathery, dark green in color adding interest to your garden. Last year we had a guest walk into our Aurora garden and gasp with joy when she saw all the Hellebores. She was born and raised in Germany and as a child, she would explore the woods near her home. In February she’d dust the snow off the blooms of the Hellebores and roll in the green foliage throughout the summer. She bought one of every color and said that she hadn’t realized all this time that she could have been growing them in her garden in Lisle!

Hostas Large and Small

In 2015, we find the Hostas moving into very textured leaves in both the miniature and full-size offerings. Three of the new Hostas for 2015 are: Church Mouse that grows in a cute miniature blue-green clump, Curley Fries, has a rippled narrow chartreuse leaf that will be easily noticed in your garden and Surfer Girl is a smaller hosta with very heavily rippled leaves that resemble the ocean waves. As an idea, Mary suggested planting mini hostas in a strawberry jar!

Shrubs and Trees

The room awed when they saw the picture of shrubs: Sorbia Sobifolia (Sem) and Deutzia (Yuki Cherry Blossom). Sorbia Sobifolia (Sem) is pinkish-red, fern-like foliage opens along deep pink stems. In the full sun, the leaves take on a chartreuse leaf border and in fall moves to bronze hues. Deutzia (Yuki Cherry Blossom) has elegant pink flowers that form a carpet in spring. Great for mass plantings because of it’s neat round form.

Fagus Grandiflora, the American Beech, is not a new plant but it is a new addition to our tree selection for 2015. This is not only Mary’s favorite it is one of our Growing Place Choice plants! Originally introduced in 1800, this beautiful native flowers in spring as the leaves open in a silvery green. Summer foliage is dark green and in autumn changes to a lovely golden bronze.


We’ve been patient, with our impatiens and are excited about the new Impatiens ‘Bounce Series'. The series has big showy flowers that are self-cleaning and are said to be resistant to Downey Mildew. They are tolerant to heat and humidity and are appropriately named as they bounce back after dry spells. The bounce series will be available in Cherry, Lilac, Pink Flame and White. Can’t wait to get some of these old favorites in my garden.

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