Plant a Tree or Plant a Forest


Friday, April 28th is National Arbor Day, so plant a tree or plant a forest!

Plant a Forest!

“Planting a forest” gives you a way to create a natural wooded area regardless of the size of your yard. This concept can involve part of your yard or the full yard. Follow a few simple guidelines:

• Avoid septic systems, power lines, driveways, or streets. Keep trees a safe distance from your house.

• Select an area on the north or west side of your house for a winter wind barrier or on the south and west side for cooling shade in summer.

• Use plants that are suitable for local conditions.

• Plant various sized trees or sequence the plantings over a few years. Plant the trees you want to be larger first.

• Plant a variety of trees in irregular spacing (a minimum of 8’ spacing) to imitate the look of a natural woodland area.

• Amend the entire forest area by adding crushed leaves or leaf mulch, TGP Garden Compost Mix, and Bio-tone to aerate and enrich the soil.

• Mulch the entire area. Grass should not be grown in the ‘forested’ area. Mulch can be shredded wood bark and/or chopped leaves. Natural leaf drop should be allowed to decompose on the ‘forest floor.’ You can also use ‘living mulch’ of low growing native sedges or woodland plants.

• Maintain a conscientious watering program for the first two to three years.

• Selectively prune branches as needed. The close planting of trees encourages tall, high canopy growth.

Why Trees are Awesome

• Just one tree can absorb 26 pounds of carbon dioxide and airborne pollutants per year and replace it with oxygen.

• Trees conserve energy by providing cooling shade. Three properly placed trees can cut your air conditioning bill 10-50%. In summer, indoor temperature can be reduced up to eight degrees.

• Trees slow rainfall runoff, preventing soil erosion.

• Tree increase the value of your home.

• Trees and shrubs produce natural sound barriers.

• Forest cover provides habitat for songbirds and other wildlife.

• Trees and woodlands are aesthetically pleasing.

“He who plants a tree plants hope.” —Lucy Larcom

Whether you are planting a tree or planting a forest, this Arbor Day, we are happy to help you select the right plants for your yard. Stop in for advice and pick up a copy of our “Plant-A-Forest” handout at the Tree & Shrub counter.

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