Plant Now for Fall Success

Now is the perfect time to plant some of the best of the best perennials!

Letting you in on a key to success here, as these plants require a good couple months to acclimate and establish themselves to survive our winters successfully.

Caryopteris is a beautiful mounding sub-shrub, nicely scented, with silvery green foliage and true blue flowers that add needed color into the late summer. ‘Dark Knight’, has deep blue flowers, ‘Snow Fairy’ has a beautiful white edging on the foliage and ‘Worcester Gold’ shows off the masses of blue flowers in contrast to its bright gold foliage.


The late summer beauty of Callicarpia dichotoma, also called Beautyberry, is just outstanding! Its long arching branches, full of tiny, glossy purple fruit that almost touch the ground makes this a very elegant plant. After a small pink flower in summer, the small fruits ripen purple in September and last through October. It’s hard to beat the great fall color of golden yellow leaves in contrast with the purple berries of Beautyberry!

A fantastic fall bloomer is the Anemone ‘Robustissima’. The graceful mauve blooms with sunny yellow stamens, wave in the breeze atop mounds of grape leaf-like foliage. This is the hardiest of the fall Anemones, showing up late in spring, thriving in partly shady, humus-rich garden and grows 2-3 feet wide and tall. Anemone ‘September Charm’ has single rose-pink blooms that contrast with lush green foliage and also grows 2-3 feet wide and tall. Both of these graceful fall bloomers are considered heirloom plants.

It's also a good idea to get your Miscanthus and Pennisetum grasses planted now for great fall color. Miscanthus are some of the showiest and most beautiful of the warm season grasses, ranging in size from 3 ft gems to 15 ft tall giants. The foliage comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shapes. All Miscanthus are known for their fall color and magnificent fluffy plumes. Pennisetum are a group of grasses that form a “fountain” of fine foliage. Stop in and let us help you pick the right one for your location. Plant now and they’ll be instant winners in your yard for years to come!

Cheers to Our Long Blooming Perennials

We’d be negligent if we didn’t mention all-star, summer-long bloomers like Calamintha, Gaillardia and Kalimeris, in talking about the best of the best perennials. Calamintha ’Montrose White’ is very fragrant and blooms from July into October. The never floppy sprays, of self-cleaning white flowers make this look great all summer long. Best of all—bees and butterflies love it, deer don’t!


Gaillardia, commonly called Blanket Flower, is a drought-tolerant plant with brightly colored daisy-like flowers that will bloom throughout the summer in the poorest of soils. And once the blooms are finished, the flower head remains as a cute fluffy ball. ‘Arizona Apricot’ has sunny warm apricot colored flowers and grows in a uniform mound. ‘Arizona Red’ and ’Arizona Sun’ bloom with red flowers and red flowers tipped in yellow respectively.

Every garden needs to enjoy the long summer blooming Kalimeris ‘Blue Star’, commonly called Japanese Aster. This carefree plant blooms from June through October with pale blue, daisy-like flowers atop finely-cut, disease resistant, deep green foliage. ‘Blue Star’ is beautiful when planted in mass front of any of the taller Leucanthemums or Shasta Daisies. The tall deep green foliage with bright white blooms of Shasta Daisies makes a wonderful backdrop to a mass planting of the pale blue and fine foliage of ‘Blue Star’.

Calamintha, Gaillardia and Kalimeris will not disappoint. Now is the time to “plant” ahead for summer-long hearty bloomers for next year!

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