Plant These Now for Next Year's Blooms

Today the landscape is ablaze with vibrant fall color from the leaves of our trees. Of course, we then fast forwarded through winter and started thinking about next year’s blooms and how it’s a perfect time to plant trees that will welcome spring with their beautiful flowers.

A new offering this year is the Signature Japanese Tree Lilac (Latin name: Syringa reticulata ‘Signature’). It will grow to about 20-25 feet tall with a spread of 15-20 feet. It’s large creamy-white flowers bloom about a week later than the Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac and the reddish-brown, cherry-like color of their bark adds winter interest too!

There is nothing like the bright pink flowers on the Royal Raindrops Crabapple, (Latin name: Malus ‘JFS-KWS’). This is a great multi-season show stopper with its deep purple foliage that follows the flowers in spring, the orange-red fall color and the red fruit that stays on the branches through the winter. We have both the single and multi-stem specimens available.

We can’t forget the Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry (Latin name: Amelanchier x ‘Grandiflora’), with its blanket of white flowers in the spring! The berries turn an apple red in the summer and are soon eaten by robins. Then the fall colors of yellow and red contrast the handsome gray bark. This is another really is a great four season tree!

Plant them now and sit back through the winter and watch for the spring to bloom in style in your yard!

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