Tips for Utilizing Frozen Containers

Brrrr! It’s cold outside! Your pots, window boxes, and decorative containers may be starting to freeze. If you still need to create your holiday containers, we’ve got some tips on how to make the soil workable.

Method 1: Make holes for the greens
  • Drill holes in frozen soil with a concrete bit or an old dull bit. New bits may be damaged.
  • Pound a spike in frozen soil to create holes for branches.

Method 2: Try to thaw the soil

  • If your container is small enough, bring it inside to a heated garage or basement
  • Pour really hot water across the soil and let it seep down. (Be sure to arrange your container before it refreezes.)
  • Use a hairdryer.
  • Set up a tent/teepee around your container. Hang a light bulb in the center (preferably a work light that tends to run warm). Make sure that fabric isn’t touching the bulb or it may scorch.

Method 3: Break up the soil

  • Use a shovel or a sharp object to try to break up the soil. Replace some of the frozen soil with new soil.

Once you have your soil thawed or holes created, filled with greens, branches, cones, berries, decorative picks and more. Let your imagination take wing!

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