What's Blooming in the Garden

Euphorbia polychroma or Cushion Spurge

This TGP heirloom plant 'blooms' chartreuse in spring. The mounded, light green foliage then turns a rich red in the fall making it an extravagant display for two seasons! It is a fabulous compliment for other spring bloomers such as creeping phlox. It prefers well-drained, poor to average soils and can reseed easily. Euphorbia polychroma loves sun and is also drought tolerant eventually growing 12-18" high by 18-24" wide. Attracts butterflies, is deer and rabbit resistant and is good for cutting.

Brunnera macrophylla or Siberian Forget-Me-Not

Another TGP heirloom with delightful loose clusters of sky blue flowers that are a beautiful sight in the spring. The large, medium green, heart-shaped foliage is drought tolerant. This is a long-lived and easy plant that will naturalize with abandon when given the right conditions—Part shade to full shade and average soil. It blooms in May and June and will grow 12-18” high by 12-18” wide. It also attracts butterflies, is deer and rabbit resistant and will make a good groundcover.

Phlox subulata or Creeping Phlox

Creeping, mat-forming foliage is topped with pillows flowers in shades of pink, lavender or white in early spring. The numerous flowers completely obscure the semi-evergreen foliage. Excellent cascading over rock walls or as a groundcover in full sun to part shade. They like well-drained soil and are also drought tolerant growing 3-6” high by 18-24” wide. This Growing Place Choice groundcover, attracts butterflies and provides winter interest.

Hellebore ‘Ivory Prince’ or Lenten Rose

This Growing Place Choice early blooming beauty is awash in ivory-white flowers flushed with pink in March and will stay looking good through May. Its evergreen foliage is leathery, durable, drought resistant and provides winter interest. It is excellent with other shade loving perennials that like moist, well-drained soil. It will grow 12-18” high by 18-24” wide and is a great early pollinator plant that is also deer and rabbit resistant.

Dodecatheon meadia or Shooting Star, Prairie

A unique native spring flower in shades of light pink, rosy pink or white with a rosette of ground hugging foliage. The clusters of flowers dangle downward while its petals reflex upward making it look like a shooting star. Naturally found in slightly dry, black soil prairies, open rocky forests, and along rocky bluffs. Stunning when planted in drifts. Its foliage dies down after flowering. Prefers a dry soil when dormant. Queen bumblebees are its most typical visitors. This native likes full sun to part shade and will grow 18-24” high by 12-18” wide.

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