Winter Prep Tidbits

Cool temperatures at night means it’s time to look in your yard and bring in those glazed items that can’t handle our winters. Our bluebirds and mushrooms all need to be tucked safely inside until next spring. Glazed bird baths should be emptied and stored until spring.


Last Saturday’s class on putting the garden to bed reminded us that it’s important to not prune back in the fall and leave those seed heads for winter interest and the birds. Speaking of the birds, it’s time to bring in those hummingbird feeders, clean them and put them away until spring. Time to look at your seed and suet feeders, stock up on seed and get them filled for the fall and winter visitors! Hummingbird feeders are a great holiday hostess gift!

If you are in the mood to prune take a close look at your trees and prune any ‘suckers’ that are growing at the base of your tree. These pop up branches will ‘suck’ the energy from the tree. Removing them allows the tree to focus its growth.

We were talking today about the base of trees and how we're seeing some ‘volcanos’ of mulch at the base of trees. Mulch should ring the truck of the tree no more than 3" deep and shouldn't touch the trunk itself. Taper mulch down to the root flair because the trunk is not root tissue and shouldn't be covered. Moisture buildup from over mulching will rot the bark and those mounds of mulch can become a nice winter home for pesky rodents. Just say no to 'volcanos'.


As we head into November, it's time to start thinking about winter container care. Remove the plants from your containers leaving them half filled with soil and raise them up off the ground. Elevating containers allows air to circulate through the container to help prevent it from freezing to the ground. Make sure the drainage holes are not blocked. You can arrange your holiday greens with the leftover soil in the container.

Don’t forget to drain, bundle up and bring in your hoses. Now is a good time to double check connections, sprayers and watering wands. Is it time for some new washers? Or is a new sprayer on the list for replacement next spring?

Late November after the ground freezes, we recommend protecting your grafted roses (hybrid tea, grandiflora and floribunda). Surround with chicken wire and fill with about 8-12” of loose mulch and leaf clippings. If the temperatures are too warm when the mulch is applied, the stems and crown can start to rot. Evergreen boughs will also make a great mulch and help keep the rabbits away. If you have bags of garden mix/mulch that you plan to use later in November bring it in. That way it won’t be frozen when you need it. We still have plenty bagged mix and mulch available.


We’re still busy selling trees and shrubs, as our tables of mums and perennials continue to empty. Meanwhile, behind the scenes we are busy emptying boxes, ordering all kinds of wonderful greens, displaying miniatures and Christmas decor as we get ready to raise our designer’s tables and gear up for the holiday season. Mark your calendars for the November 21 & 22 Holiday Open House at both the Aurora and Naperville locations!

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