Winter Reflections

Wendy Ory, Trees & Shrubs Assistant Manager


I was enjoying my coffee this morning, sitting in a sunny window, marveling at the beauty of the glistening new snow. The snow clung to little red crabapples and parchment colored hydrangea flowers and ornamental grasses. Evergreens in shades of blue, green and yellow stood out against the pure whiteness. And then I started to dream…the green heads of the little snowdrops planted by my south facing deck will be pushing up toward the warming sun once this snow melts.

What would add winter interest to the bare spot next to my garden bench? Maybe a dwarf evergreen or a perennial with persistent seed pods. Seeds, the thought of fresh greens from my vegetable garden prompted me to check my leftover seeds for any lettuces I can scratch into it as soon as it warms. Wait, I can get an earlier crop if I use the spot off the kitchen deck that is saved for basil and rosemary. Always so many possibilities with gardening!

Planning is well underway here at The Growing Place. We’re busy entering new plants in the catalog and website database to help you make plans for the 2014 growing season. Vegetable, herb and flower seeds are one of the first shipments to arrive. Organic and heirloom seeds varieties are highlighted in our selections from Botanical Interests and Seed Savers. Sprouts and micro greens are all the rage. The young shoots are packed with nutrition and many sprout in as little as a week. We even have seed sprouter growing containers so you can grow them indoors in a sunny window! Dream on and see you on Opening Weekend on March 29th!

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