Come and see the assortment of planters this season. All shapes, sizes, textures, and colors for indoor and out are ready for planting. Make a container designed for curb appeal on a front porch. Add a conversation starter on the patio table. Here are 3 simple steps in choosing what’s best for you and your space.

Pick a Theme

What brings you joy and brightens your day? Choose from edibles, miniatures, perennials, annuals, succulents and begin to build your design.
• Edibles – Vegetables, herbs, and flowers, from seed or starter plants will grow in containers.
• Miniature garden – Playful and creative for all ages to enjoy.
• Perennials – Variegated, striped, dotted, tall, short, and trailing options can be planted in the yard later.
• Annuals – So many varieties make it fun to change out seasonally for different looks.
• Succulents or sedums are easy to care for, requiring little maintenance.
• Holidays and sports teams offer complimentary colored themes for party pots.
• Pollinator plants attract butterflies and birds for easy entertainment.

Choose your Container

Whether you want an architectural feature in your landscape design, a pop of color on the deck, or a convenient place to grow herbs and veggies, there is a container for your need. You will see lightweight resin, plastic, terra cotta, and ceramic pots. Concrete and cast iron are built to be left outdoors year round. Don’t see anything you like right away? Come back the next week. More containers will be added throughout spring.

All plants require good drainage for the plants to be successful. If you fall in love with a pot without drainage holes, there are a few things you can do to help your plants survive. If it is a larger pot, try inserting an Upsy Daisy so that you create a space under the soil for the water to go. For smaller pots, you could add a layer of pea gravel under the soils so there is a place for the water to go. In both cases, you should try to keep your pots without drainage holes under a protected area so they don’t get a deluge of water when it rains.

Pro tip: You do not want to add pea gravel to pots that DO have drainage. It creates a false shelf and can actually hinder drainage.

Know your Plant Needs

Is the spot sunny or shady where your containers will be? It is important to use a good potting mix and check the soil for watering frequency. Plants in pots tend to require more watering. Fertilizer can be added for extended healthy growth through the season. Follow the thriller-filler-spiller formula when choosing plants.
• Thriller – focal point with height, either centered or placed at back of pot
• Filler – mid-size for volume, to compliment the thriller color, and contrast in texture
• Spiller – cascading, to soften the edges and unify the overall design

Need some help getting started, or want the convenience of Grab ‘n Go? Ask our staff in Annuals and Perennials what pairs well in containers. Pick up stunning creations ready to go in both Aurora and Naperville, or call and ask for our Container Design staff to create a custom design.