We open for our 85th season on March 27th! Plants we have for sale in spring have been hardened off and can be planted in the ground once the soil is friable, easily crumbling between your fingers. Here are helpful tips to keep your new plants performing at their best once home.



Cold tolerant annuals available now include Pansies, Violas, Stock, Nemesia, Ranunculus, Snapdragons, and Calibrachoa, to name a few. Planters of colorful spring flowers bring a sign of hope and enhance curb appeal. With the large variety of cold tolerant annuals available, you can easily find the design trio of thriller-filler-spiller to make your eye-catching container combos.

We will still probably have a few days when the temperature falls below freezing. This is when annuals can be lightly covered with a breathable fabric, or brought into the garage overnight if in containers. Annuals can set in containers that can be covered or moved for protection if nighttime temperatures fall into the teens.




Perennials can be set in containers early spring before planting in the ground. Hellebores, Primula, and Bergenia are currently in bloom. Pair them with Heuchera, Carex ornamental grasses, and annuals in a pot until your garden bed is ready to plant. Daylilies, Peonies, and Hosta are sprouting to bring color after the earliest flowering perennials and bulbs are spent.

Most perennials are fine with spring weather. Those with the most top growth can be protected overnight in freezing temps with a breathable fabric cover. Use sticks or utensils to pin down the edges. Remove the covering in the morning. We do not recommend using clear plastic as it traps moisture and holds heat, inviting pests and fungus.


Vegetables & Herbs


Are you growing a vegetable garden this year? Cold tolerant veggies such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, onions, and kale are here and can be planted now. Add organic matter for nutrients and to help break up any soil compaction. Avoid planting vegetables where water puddles on the ground for days. Did you know most vegetables can be grown in containers with adequate drainage holes?

Herb gardens are easy to grow for freshly picked herbs to add to drinks, meals, and desserts. Many cold resistant varieties are ready to be planted, including rosemary, thyme, parsley, and sage. Finer herbs with softer leaves, such as dill and mint, can be planted in a few weeks.

Watch for temps of 32 or below, or frost, and cover vegetables with breathable fabric, like a sheet, that can be easily removed in the morning. Listen to more tips by watching our Grow Your Own series on YouTube.

We know you are excited to get planting! Warm season veggies need warmer soil and air. They will be available mid April and tomatoes will be safe to plant early May. All dates are weather dependent of course. The last frost date is usually around May 15.


Trees & Shrubs


Does your yard need more structure or plants to provide shade? Spring flowering trees and shrubs are a delight to see after winter’s blank slate of a landscape. Consider Magnolias, Redbuds, Malus, Dogwood, Lilac, and Forsythia to add year round interest with spring blooms, summer and fall foliage, and winter interest.

When the soil is workable, dig in! Click planting and watering for more garden tips at your fingertips!