Do photos of beautiful gardens catch your attention? Do you want to expand your living space outdoors? Create a garden of your own with these simple steps and enjoy more time outside. It’s as easy as 1,2, 3.

1. Begin with a focal point of interest to draw the eye. Containers, benches, found objects, large flowering and/or leafed plants, sculptures, trellises, arbors, mirrors, fountains and wall art are some of the many options for garden art. A focal point can be small groupings of coordinated pieces. Arrange the groupings so they are viewed as one unit. Use of too many items or garden art scattered about can overload the senses.


Garden art invites people to enjoy the view.

2. Where is the focal point located? Study the area. Garden art placed too near an outer edge may feel a little awkward or off. Move it closer to the center if possible. Be creative. Add personality with whimsy or sophistication, whatever brings a bit of you into the space. Maybe you need a relaxing retreat. Many bring their interior decorating style outdoors using similar colors and style.


Benches, birdbaths, fountains, large containers, garden art can all be focal points.

3. Frame your focal point with complimentary plants. For example, a fountain shows well in front of a simple backdrop of grasses, shrubs or evergreens. Background plants can also hide unsightly views and keep the focus on the scene you create. Find something that will sparkle in the sun or can light up a shady spot. Consider moving pieces during the year to cover fading bulb foliage, highlight a particular specimen plant, or punch up the drama for a gathering.


Bring whimsy and friends to your new space.

Planning and planting a garden is like painting a picture. Instead of paints you’ll be using the colors and textures of the plants and adding unique accents. Unlike a painting, a garden is an ever-changing canvas and a beneficial addition to our environment.


The Cottage Garden at our Naperville location.

Walk our Learning Gardens at both locations for inspiration. Support local artists at our annual Gardener’s Art Fest in Naperville, Saturday, June 22 from 9am-5pm. Learn how to use your phone to capture beautiful photographs and watch a demonstration on how to arrange cut flowers. See the full schedule at