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Fertilizers & Amendments

The clay soil in our area of Zone 5b can be compact and may drain poorly. Plant roots need air and water. The best care you can give your new plants is to improve the soil. Fertilizers supply nutrients to the soil. Amendments improve the condition of the soil so it absorbs and retains nutrients and water more efficiently. Both fertilizers and amendments affect and benefit plant growth.


Soil Prepping

This is the time of year when we prepare our garden beds for planting. Cristin Adam, one of our Tree & Shrub experts says, “We are excited to offer a variety of new organic soil amendments and fertilizers for plants and the lawn. We strive to provide all natural and organic ingredient plant products whenever possible for stronger plants, a cleaner environment, and a healthier you!”


True Organic™ Liquid All Purpose Plant Food 3-2-2

Use in gardens and containers to fertilize vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, and foliage. This organic plant food is formulated for use in organic farming and meets the requirements of the National Organic Program. True Organic is biologically balanced and derived from fish solubles to make the soil and plants healthy. Apply every two weeks during the growing season.


Coop Poop™

An organic fertilizer packed with nutrients from chicken manure so your soil can grow hearty, healthy plants. High calcium makes for strong plant development, resistant to disease. Backed by years of reliable research for its performance, Coop Poop is a slow-release, non-burning, virtually odor-free plant food.


Espoma Bio-tone Starter Plus

Helps prevent transplant loss as it stimulates root growth. The all natural organic fertilizer with mycorrhizae can be used on everything you plant. Produces larger root masses and bigger blooms.


Leaf Mulch

Known as ideal for perennial gardens to condition the soil, improve water retention, and buffer soil temperature variations. Leaf mulch provides a home for earthworms and beneficial microbial activity.


Blended Mushroom Compost

An excellent soil amendment, providing the nutrients needed for plant growth while loosening hard clay soils. Contains spent mushroom substrate, compost, and hardwood bark fines.


Growing Place Choice Garden Compost Mix

Mixed to our specifications with pine fines, garden compost, and topsoil, our Garden Compost Mix is designed to improve heavy clay soil when planting vegetable gardens, annuals, and perennials. It is also excellent as light mulch for perennial beds and seeding bare patches in the lawn.


Lawn Feeding

This is the time of year when we vow to give the lawn some TLC. We consistently evaluate our offerings for quality and effectiveness. “We use these products in our TGP display gardens and lawns, as well as our home gardens”, says Cristin.


True Organic™ Liquid Lawn Food

Use to quickly green up your lawn. Formulated with 1% iron, this fertilizer is a blend of farm-grade ingredients beneficial for greening up lawns, supporting root growth, and as a grass seed starter. Apply monthly for rapid results.


Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food 9-0-0

An all natural and organic lawn fertilizer provides long lasting nutrition for healthy lawns and soil. Made from feather meal and poultry manure along with Bio-tone microbes. Will not burn lawns or leach out of soil and is safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

If you have any comments or observations about any of these products based on your use of them we would love to hear from you. Email We look forward to helping you with all things in the garden this year.