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Keeping new gardeners and veteran green thumbs in mind, we have refined and expanded our existing plantings to create about an acre of Learning Gardens at each location. You’ll find themed gardens demonstrating common situations such as sunny borders, dry shade, and wet tolerant areas. There are gardens designed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, showcase long-blooming plants, cutting flowers and incorporating natives. You’ll even find miniature gardens in several of the gardens.

Embellished Prairie in Naperville

Cottage Garden in Naperville

Landscape Tapestry Garden in Aurora

Visit the Learning Gardens Often

In early spring you’ll find bulbs and hellebores popping up through the snow followed by a sea of Virginia Blue Bells. Late spring brings a bevy of blooms including big beautiful peonies. In summer you’ll find the unusual Acanthus and its spikey flower stalk and a show of hydrangeas all along the drive in Aurora. Fall brings a great ornamental grass show and all sorts of textures and colors. 

The Gardens are always changing and growing. Both locations have about an acre filled with more than 800 well-labeled plants. There’s no better way to learn what a plant will do than to see it mature in a garden.

Acanthus spinosus (Spiny Bear’s Breeches)  in the Gardens

Goldfinch Prairie in Aurora

Woodland Garden in Aurora


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