Each of our locations in Naperville and Aurora has a patch of giant pumpkins decorated by our very talented staff. The theme is Pumpkins for Pollinators. When you visit, don’t be surprised if you see some big, friendly bugs! Be sure to vote for your favorite giant pumpkin at each location. The winning department team gets a prize for their creative attraction. Giant Pumpkins will be on display through October 24.

Giant Pumpkins @ The Growing Place, Naperville

Enjoy the giant pumpkins decorated by our fantastic Naperville staff. Need directions?

Rudbeckia Julianna

The Naperville Annuals team mimicked a Rudbeckia to attract butterflies and other pollinators to their giant pumpkin. Look at all of the cold tolerant annuals still in bloom!

It’s a Wonderful Life Cycle

The Perennial Team in Naperville raises butterflies on site each year. What better way to capture their life cycle than using giant pumpkins?!


The Naperville Tree & Shrub Department used Broom Corn to make this giant bee’s flight even more magical!

Plant It and They Will Come

Our team of Cashiers in Naperville added many plant puns from their pollinators. Be sure to view all the way around!

Bumblebee Bums

The Gift Shop & Container Design team from both stores worked together to give perfect perspective to bees diving in for pollen and nectar!

Giant Pumpkins @ The Growing Place, Aurora

Enjoy the giant pumpkins decorated by our fabulous Aurora staff. Need directions?

Lucky Ladybug

The Aurora Annuals team enjoyed painting the backdrop for this adorable giant ladybug. Any critters in your yard will run without her even batting an eye.

Perennial Pollinator Paradise

The Perennial Team gets competitive and educational when decorating giant pumpkins each year. How many pollinators can you see on this beautiful flower head?

Pollinators Gone Batty

Our Aurora Tree & Shrub staff brought some Southwest into the game with a giant pumpkin cactus! Actually, Prickly Pear cactus, Opuntia humifusa is native here in Zone 5, and bats are beneficial pollinators in our region as well.

Like Butterflies to Flowers

The Cashiers in Aurora draw in a crowd of pollinators with their giant flower. The black and white gives this pumpkin a hypnotic feel, like pollinators to nectar.

It’s A Bugs Life

Our Production Team first painted the scene on the giant pumpkin before the sandy earth was applied. They enjoyed making the background as well, giving this giant pumpkin a 3D effect. Check out the details!

Bring a Giant Pumpkin Home

Now that you’ve seen them, we know you want to have one delivered to your house for Halloween!

We’re holding a Silent Pumpkin Auction through October 24! Simply write your bid on the silent auction sheet next to the pumpkin of your choice and we’ll deliver a giant pumpkin to your door by October 27. Since the pumpkins are not punctured, they will last, and create quite the excitement in your neighborhood!

All proceeds from the Silent Auction will be donated to Greater DuPage Wild Ones. Visit both locations to see all 10 giant pumpkin designs before choosing the one you want for your home.

Greater DuPage Wild Ones

The local chapter follows the mission of Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes in promoting environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities. They hold events and opportunities to learn about native plants and natural areas.

November 13, 11am-1pm, Annual Seed Exchange

The Growing Place Aurora is hosting Greater DuPage Wild Ones’ popular Annual Seed Exchange. Learn more about how the Exchange works.