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Growing Place Choice

Family owned & operated

Since 1936
Growing for the Future with Right Plants…

Growing Place Choice plants are strong performers year after year, staying attractive with less maintenance when planted in the right place. They’re a mix of natives, nativars, perennials, trees and shrubs chosen by our knowledgeable and experienced staff, and they’re perfect for all levels of gardeners. 

We’ve cultivated a list of Growing Place Choice plants over the years by testing many of them in our Learning Gardens and gathering feedback from our staff & customers.

…in The Right Places

Most plants are fine in average soil. Those that grow best in moist soil are noted with (M), and those that grow best in dry soil are noted with (D).

This list is a general guide. Specific varieties are marked on the TGP Plant Search online & on the bench cards that accompany each plant on the sales floor.

Determining Your Site Conditions

Light Conditions
  • Full Sun: 6+ hours of sun anytime during the day/south and west sides of buildings.
  • Part Shade: Lightly filtered sun or 3-5 hours of morning sun, sometimes found on the east side of buildings and under the light shade of trees.
  • Full Shade: 1-3 hours of sun anytime during the day, usually on the north side of homes, between buildings or under trees.
Soil and Moisture Conditions
  • Average Soil: We consider a variety of soils to be average, ranging from predominantly clay to loam soil that has a nice mix of clay, silt, sand, and organic materials.
  • Well-drained Soil: This soil type will have a balanced content of sand, silt, and/or organic material, allowing it to drain easily. Plants that need well-drained soil will not survive if planted in poorly drained sites.
  • Moist, Well-drained Soil: This soil type can be found near water sources, depressions, and shady woodland areas. High organic, silt, and possibly sand content allows water to soak in, and be available through most of the growing season while draining slowly.
  • Wet Soil: Usually found in low-lying areas and often comprised of predominantly clay. Water is retained for a period of time, especially during seasons of higher moisture.
  • Dry Soil: Dry soils can be found at the top of slopes, under trees, near pavement, and under eaves. These soils absorb water but drain quickly and excessively. Wet soil can become dry soil during extended periods without rain.
Learn our best practices for planting and watering