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Holiday Greens Guide

Ready to make your own porch pots? To help you make your list before you visit us, we’ve put together a guide of the greens, accents, and the fun stuff we have available to spark your creativity.


Types of Greens

These fresh-cut greens are available in bundles or by the bough.


Fraser Fir

Structural evergreen branches with dark green, shorter, flat needles that whorl around their branches. 2-3 branches make a great base for porch pots. Known for excellent needle retention.


Port Orford Cedar

Filler or spiller of flat splayed branches of feathery soft blue-green foliage


Incense Cedar

Accent filler or spiller of fragrant branches of feathery green foliage tipped with tiny, yellow cones.


Coned Cedar

Filler or spiller. Dark green flat, splayed branches with tiny brown cones at the ends.


Blue Berried Cedar

Accent filler of densely-filled, blue-green needles with clusters of small, blue berries on each branch.


Carolina Sapphire

Accent filler of lacy, silvery blue foliage covered branches


White Tips Pine

Filler branches with soft, flexible, green needles. Adds a soft texture to your porch pots and arrangements.


German Boxwood

Accent filler of broadleaf evergreen branches with round, shiny green leaves.


English Variegated Boxwood

Filler of broadleaf evergreen branches covered in dark green leaves edged with a light yellow colored border.



Filler of broadleaf evergreen branches that are variegated green with cream edges, oval leaves, similar to boxwood


Spruce Tops

Use these small, cut trees to add height to your porch pots. Available in 3 sizes.


Specialty Mixed Greens Bundle

Locally sourced, colorful mixture of a variety of greens. Use as a filler in your porch pots or make a bouquet for your home.


Natural and Sparkly Accents


Magnolia Leaves

Shiny green on the front and soft, fuzzy reddish-brown on the back, these leaves add two textures to your porch pot.


Lemon Leaf

Add texture and color. They are available in green and burgundy. 



So many shapes, textures, and colors. How can you choose. Podded Silver Bells add stems of small blue-ish pods. Baby Blue adds an interesting texture with its small leaves spiraling around stems. Silver Dollar big, round, light blue-green leaves add elegance. Naked Seeded Green and Red (no leaves) bring pops of color and texture.


Natural Berries

Add color with real Pepperberries (left) or Winterberries (right). The smaller Pepperberries are long-lasting clusters in shades of red, pink, and green depending on the bunch. Classic Winterberries are always in style and add bright red pops of color. We also have a selection of outdoor-safe artificial berries that can be used year after year.


Natural Branches

From left to right: Cardinal Dogwood, Yellow Twig Dogwood, Flame Willow, Pussywillow, Curly Willow, and natural Birch branches all have their own appeal to add height and style to your porch pots. 


Glitter & Painted Branches

Bright colors and shiny glitter make a great addition to any porch pot.



Group together in odd numbers to use as a focal point in the front of your container or space evenly around in thirds for an all-around look. Available in natural, painted, and glitter finishes. 


Grab and Go Accents

These sets include everything you need to add accents to your porch pots. Available in red glitter, champagne glitter, and white painted, each set includes coordinating branches, cones, and festive stars.


Ornament Balls

Add some bling to your focal point. Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.



A great focal point in either red or natural. One package is enough for two porch pots.


Birch Poles

A classic accent to add height to your porch pots. Available in lengths from 3 feet up to 6 feet. We also have a pre-cut trio of birch poles at the perfect heights to get you started.


New & Unusual

Saki Pods (top left), Wood snowflakes (top right), and Birch mallets (bottom center) and some new finds this year. We’re loving all three of these to add focal points and accents to your porch pots and wreaths.


Ribbon & Bows

A great finishing touch. We have all sorts of colors, styles, and patterns available in both ribbon and pre-made bows.


There’s more in store! Stop in and browse all the selections.

Want to learn how to make a porch pot or wreath? Join us for our Virtual Workshops on November 30! Purchase online and we’ll have your supplies gathered for you starting November 24 through November 29. Kits include all the supplies you need to make a basic porch pot or wreath.