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How to Make a Pump-cculent

Making your own pump-cculent (pumpkin + succulents + hot glue + nature) is a great fall activity to do with friends and family. Enjoy autumn’s splendor by hunting for natural accents outdoors, picking out mini pumpkins, and designing your own “gourdgeous” pump-cculents to add to your fall décor (they make great gifts, too). Here’s our recipe for your own DIY success.


  • Several pumpkins and/or gourds of varying sizes, colors, and shapes
  • Moss
  • Various perennial or annual succulents and sedums
  • Dried leaves, grass stalks, acorns, pinecones, Peony pods, Baptisia pods, Milkweed pods, dried Hydrangea or other dried flowers
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Clear coating (optional) and paintbrush (or sponge brush)


Clean the pumpkins off and shorten or remove the stems without cutting into the pumpkin. Make sure your pumpkin or gourd is clean, dry, and room temperature before clear coating or attaching accents. Though optional, applying a clear coating will protect the pumpkins, give them a shiny exterior, and help keep them beautiful through Thanksgiving.


Use a hot glue gun to adhere your moss into the indent of the pumpkin top where the stem was removed. On top of the moss is where you attach all of the succulent plants and dried goods.

Cut off succulent parts to adhere to the pumpkin or gourd. Remove any soil and apply glue to the roots or cut ends. Center the larger piece before adding more natural accents around the focal point. You do not need a set image in your head of what the arrangement will look like. Keep adding plants and dried goods until you like how it looks.

Pump-cculent Care

You don’t have to do much. You can lightly mist the plants every once and awhile (no more than once a week) but to be honest, we usually just make them and forget about them. Keep out of direct sunlight for the pumpkin to last. Gourds do tend to last longer than pumpkins as their exterior shell is usually tougher. With no puncture wounds in your pumpkin or gourd, and succulents requiring very little water, your living fall decoration can last all season. We recommend setting the pumpkin on a plate instead of directly on a porous surface.

If you’d like additional assistance, join us this weekend in Aurora for our fall festival, PumpkinPalooza: Pumpkins on Safari, where our designers will be on hand with kits and supplies to help you create your own pump-cculent, Saturday & Sunday 11am-4pm.

Cost is $10 for a small pump-cculent kit or $20 for a large pump-cculent kit, plus the cost of a pumpkin.

Watch Joannie, one of our Perennial gurus, demonstrating how to make Pump-cculents.

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