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The Growing Place

Planting & Removal Services

Planting services are available for trees and shrubs purchased at The Growing Place. We can also remove shrubs and some smaller trees from your existing garden and/or landscape if they are included with scheduled plantings of plants purchased at The Growing Place.

For an estimate e-mail

To help us give you an accurate estimate, include:

  • Name, address, and phone number.
  • Photos of the plant(s) you would like removed. Include measurements of the plant(s) to be removed. Use a yardstick or other recognizable object in the picture to help us see the scale of the plant.
  • A rough estimate of how many years the shrub(s) and/or small tree(s) have been planted.

Installation Services

We offer a full installation service for our designs. Installation includes bed preparation, planting of all plant material, patio and retaining wall installation, and existing plant removals. Quotes for design installation are available upon request. Installation services provided by our preferred contractors.

Delivery Services

We can deliver anything we sell and as much as will fit in our truck within our delivery area. Fees are based on your zip code and the manpower needed. Distance fees may apply.


Plant Search

Find the Right Plant for the Right Place



Our online plant search is here to help you plan your garden or landscape. Search our selections for pictures and detailed descriptions about most of the plants we carry.