Heuchera are known for their handsome foliage and will add their striking look to garden beds and containers. Intensive breeding efforts over the years have produced an unbelievable range of leaf forms and colors. Heuchera can be long-lived when planted in the right place and the foliage is evergreen except in the most severe climates. Native to North America, the common names are Coral Bells and Alum Root.

Typically, Heuchera is easy to grow in the sun, part shade, or in shady sites. Too much sun can scorch light-colored varieties. Others won’t bloom as well in shady sites. Informational signs by the plants and our Plant Guide show best siting for each variety.

The dainty, bell-shaped flowers held in sprays on long stems above the foliage begin to bloom in early summer. Butterflies and hummingbirds find them irresistible, but you can steal a few as filler flowers in a cut arrangement.

Well drained soil is essential to success with Heucheras. If your soil is too soggy, or has too much clay, consider adding amendments or growing your coral bells in raised beds. They resent wet feet. To avoid stem rot, keep the woody stem base at ground level. Do not cut them back in fall. Mulching over winter will help with alternating freezing and thawing cycles that can push the plants out of the ground.

‘Caramel’ Heuchera presents mounds of fuzzy, large, golden foliage with creamy white flowers. All Heuchera like a bit of sun. People have told us they’ve had success with ‘Caramel’ in part sun without any leaf scorching. Deer resistant like all Coral Bells, ‘Caramel’ will highlight a shade garden and add contrasting color to a perennial bed. Grows 6”-12”H by 12”-18”W planted in average, well-drained soil in part shade.

Heuchera micrantha ‘Palace Purple’ was discovered in an English palace. This beloved, fast growing classic has rugged purple foliage with creamy white bell-shaped flowers. It is a Growing Place Choice plant, perfect for all levels of gardeners, especially beginners. ‘Palace Purple’ is a strong performer year after year, staying attractive will little maintenance when planted in the right place. Grows 12”-18’H by 12”-18”W in average, well-drained soil in part shade.

Try ‘Green Spice’ Heuchera for a pop of intense color in a denser shade garden. The dark green, silver-frosted leaves accented with purple venation are very popular. Blooms of white appear in late spring through early summer, and the attractive foliage turns neon orange for its autumn show. Grows 12’-18’H by 12’-18’W in average, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade.