Landscape Coaching

Our Design Philosophy

The Growing Place designs new, renovates old or works within existing landscapes to create a balanced whole. Our Design Team is deeply rooted in The Growing Place tradition of planting the right plant in the right place to reduce maintenance and contribute to a successful, long-lasting landscape. We use a diverse selection of plants to satisfy every garden style and cultural needs. To schedule an appointment contact us at 630-820-8088 x125 or e-mail

In-Store Coaching for DIY & Simple Spaces

For example: adding plants to smaller existing areas, a corner of your yard, adding to or creating a small flower garden.

The appointments are $50 for up to 30 minutes. At your appointment, we will discuss your project as we walk and view plants, write summary notes, and a provide you with a design rebate coupon of $10 towards a $150 purchase of plants chosen for your project. 

In-Store Design for Installation Projects

This can also include areas that needs more detail based on your photos and measurements. For example: redesigning an average front yard or one side of the backyard, a specialty garden, or any single area.

The appointments are $80 for up to 1-hour. They include an assessment of your project and a sketch with plant placement and more detailed notes plus a design rebate coupon of $40 towards a minimum purchase of $350 of plants chosen for your project.

Please prepare and bring these items with you. The more complete your information, the better we can help.

  • Email pictures of the area from 3 to 4 angles or bring in printed 8 1/2"x11” pictures. If a front yard, include ONE photo of the entire area taken from the street.
  • A completed questionnaire. This can be found in the back of our Plant Guide or download the form here.
  • A rough sketch with detailed measurements of the area. For example: if a front yard, include the size of your porch, the distance from the porch to the corner of your home, sidewalk size and the placement of hoses and utilities. Include plants and trees that are staying, your current garden bed size and shape, and any other fixed features, etc.

At-Home Design Coaching, Site Sketch, or Scaled Drawing Design Services

Our normal Design Service area is within 10 miles of either location. Distance fees apply for requests outside of our Design Service area. You can choose from the three options below:

Walk-around Coaching for DIY Projects

They can help you ID plants, or advise on a single space or work with several little spaces, talk about plant health and maintenance and answer garden questions. They’ll provide notes and/or mark plant placements at your home as needed. $100 for up to an hour and $40 for each additional 1/2 hour. Not for projects needing estimates for installations. You will receive a $10 design rebate against a $150 purchase of plants chosen for your project.

In-Home Site Sketch Design for Installation Projects

Designers can create a more detailed Site Sketch for your front yard or a section of your back yard with enough information for installation. $180 for up to 1 1/2 hour and $50 for each additional 1/2 hour. You will receive a $40 design rebate against a $350 purchase of plants chosen for your project. 

Scaled Drawings for Installation Projects

Designer Scaled Drawing: Create a master plan for your property or redo a single area. These designs are drawn out to scale like a blueprint. Designers come to your home for a consultation to discuss options and site documentation. The completed design is then presented at our store offices. Your design packet includes: plan copies, plant pictures, maintenance information and an estimate. Plans start at $250 for one area/view. You will receive a $40 design rebate against a $350 purchase of plants chosen for your project. 

Aurora Location

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Naperville Location

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Naperville, IL 60563

Phone. 630-355-4000

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March 30-June 30

Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm

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