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Our Design Philosophy

We believe that everyone should be able to get the design advice they need which is why we do things a little differently. This year our Design Team will exclusively offer virtual sessions to work easily into your schedule. We will help you renovate an existing area or create new by matching plants and personal style to your site so you can enjoy your outdoor space. We aim to plant the right plants in the right places to reduce maintenance and contribute to long-lasting, responsible landscapes.

Virtual Landscape Design Session

Virtual sessions are great for DIY projects or installations that provide you a plan for one area or view. You will work with one of our designers via phone, email, submitted photos and measurements, and our Landscape & Garden Planning Guide.

Cost: $150 for 1 view/area up to 200 sq. ft.
Picture a 10ft x 20ft area. Examples include: updating your front entry, screening your utility box, or a small patio surround. You can combine two sessions for up to 400 sq. ft.

What You Get

    • Virtual design is a process rather than an appointment. It starts with submitting your garden information, followed by a phone discussion with your designer about your project.
    • An emailed packet that includes the final CAD drawing, plant care information, and an estimate for the plant portion of your project.
    • A follow-up estimate for labor and other materials can be provided by our installer.


What You Provide:


We Can Measure for You

  • If you would like us to measure for you, we can come to your home to measure and document the area for your Virtual Landscape Design within our 10-mile service area.
  • This additional fee is $100 for one session (up to 200 sq. ft.) or $150 if you are combining 2 sessions (200-400 sq. ft)


Pre-payment is required and non-refundable. This service is available for customers within our 10-mile service area. Our expertise is Zone 5 and the soils specific to our area. If you do not live within our service area, check with your local independent garden center. They will be better able to answer questions specific to your area.

Request a Virtual Landscape Design Session

Fill out the form below to request a Virtual Landscape Design Session. We will get back to you within 2-3 business days via email. Please check your spam folder if you haven't seen a response within the 2-3 business day window. Thank you!
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Plant Search

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Our online plant search is here to help you plan your garden or landscape. Search our selections for pictures and detailed descriptions about most of the plants we carry.