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Our Design Philosophy

The Design office will reopen March 1, 2021. If you would like to work with a designer over winter for spring planning, email Please allow one week for response time.

Our design team will listen to your needs to design a new garden or renovate an existing area. We’re experts in matching plant choices and design styles to your site and personality to reduce maintenance and contribute to long-lasting, responsible landscapes.

The $140 Online Consultation

  • Virtually work with one of our designers via phone, email, submitted photos, and our Planning Guide. Your fee includes a CAD drawing of the area with plant recommendations based on site conditions, your personal preferences, and a little bit of homework.
  • The fee is $140 for every 200 sq. ft. with a 400 sq. ft. maximum.
  • Homework needed for the most accurate design:
  • Pre-payment is required and non-refundable.
  • Receive 10% off a one-time purchase of plants from your design.
  • This service is available for customers within our 10-mile service area. Our expertise is Zone 5 and the soils specific to our area. If you do not live within our service area, check with your local independent garden center. They will be better able to answer questions about your zone and soils specific to your area.

The Complete Package

  • Scheduled by appointment at your home within our 10-mile service area.
  • A CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) landscape design plan starts at $350 for 300 sq. ft. and includes the items below.
    • Note: Areas larger than 300 sq. ft. or additional spaces and design time will be quoted by your designer.
  • A pre-meeting phone discussion to schedule your appointment, go over goals for your project, and directions on how to complete the Landscape & Garden Planning Guide.
  • A 30 minute home site visit with the designer to review the completed worksheet and a copy of your Plat of Survey and viewing of the area(s) to be designed.
  • Site documentation by the designer that includes measuring and photos.
  • A preliminary plan presentation in the format of your choice — (A) in-person meeting at the Aurora location or (B) email and a phone conversation.
  • A final copy of your packet that includes the CAD drawing, plant care information, and an estimate for the plant portion of your project. A follow up estimate for labor and other materials can be provided from our installer.
  • Payment is required at the time of the appointment.
  • Receive 10% off a one-time purchase of plants from your design.


Plant Search

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Our online plant search is here to help you plan your garden or landscape. Search our selections for pictures and detailed descriptions about most of the plants we carry.