The Growing Place has 1000’s of annuals, 1000’s of perennials and hundreds of herbs and vegetables, all of which can be planted in containers. Choose pots that match your decor and have fun mixing and matching old favorites with new varieties. The best part about container design is the unlimited opportunities! Here’s some eye candy to inspire your creativity.

Bring on the Warmth of the Sun


Plants that are red, orange and yellow awaken our senses with their warm colors. Even on a stormy day, a bright yellow flower can evoke a smile like a ray of sunshine. Try something like Durango Bee marigolds, Proud Mari Gold marigolds, Under the Sea Yellowfin Tuna Coleus, King Crab Coleus, Splish Splash Coleus and Prince Tut Dwarf Papyrus with Asparagus fern. These annuals will thrive in full sun to part shade. Putting together different shapes, colors and sizes of foliage adds dimension and additional interest.






Compliments All Around


Colors that are complementary to each other attract attention. Make a showstopper container using the complimentary colors of red and green. Algerian green ivy can spill over of the sides while Kimberly Queen fern anchors the pot. Upright Fire Begonia, Coral Sunrise Wizard Coleus, Plumosa fern, and Carneval Hiemalis Begonia add contrast and beauty. Need more filler? Pick a few annuals, herbs or perennials made for the shade. This design is packed with plants that do well in part shade to full shade.






Mix and Match Mania


Annuals and perennials together add character to containers. The bonus is planting perennials in the ground at the end of the season for repeat performance. Herbs and succulents can be annual or perennial. A combination of drought tolerant plants for full sun make an interesting combination of shapes and sizes. Arrange the herbs Aloe Vera, mini Cuban Oregano and variegated Pilea microphylla around succulents like Sempervivum tectorum, Sedum Firecracker, Sedum Himalayan Skies, Mini Hens and Chicks. Sprinkle fairy gravel over the top and see who comes to bask in the sun.





Put on a Variety Show


Creating a container with different shapes, sizes and texture has never been so easy! Pictured here are Jade and Scarlet Wizard Coleus, Red and white Caladium and Rose and White Splash polka-dot plant. This example is good for shade and applause! Add flowers if you like, but look at the variation available with foliage alone!







Fool ‘em with Foliage


There are many colorful foliage varieties made for the shade. Surprise them all by using only foliage for color in your design. Try Variegated Algerian ivy, Purple Heart Setcreasea, Purple/silver Tradescantsia, Black Dragon Coleus and Fedor Rex Begonia together. These annuals always grab attention but don’t forget the many perennial Coral Bells (Heuchera) and Hosta varieties for shade container gardening as well.







Spring Container Gardening Event


Pictured: Cuphea Mexican Heather, Diamond Frost, Evening Glow Zonal Geranium, Ultra Sky Blue Petunia, Blue Ageratum, Silver Dust Dusty Miller ~ thrives in the sun

Stop in and let our container designers help you put together a beautiful spring container, Saturday, May 18th. Pick out a container, use one of our 13″ or 16″ inserts or bring your container from home! Sessions at 12pm, 1pm, & 2pm at both locations. Cost of materials used and no registration required.