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New Veggies to Try

Are you ready to try your hand at growing your own food? There is no wrong way to get started growing a vegetable garden. We suggest starting small and growing vegetables you like to eat. We offer all of the favorites and find tasty, new varieties to add to your mix. Here are some new varieties to try for ’22.


Pac Choi ‘Baby Li Ren’

Brassica campestric

The heads fill out to the perfect baby size for quick kitchen prep to quarter and steam. Cold tolerant, plant in full sun to part shade for harvesting in 37 days.


Pepper, Hot ‘Hot Fajita’

Capsicum annuum

Part of the Kitchen Minis Series, you can grow this chili pepper indoors or on a patio table. Plant in full sun for green harvest in 80-95 days, red harvest in 95-110 days. 3,000-5,000 Scoville Units.


Pepper, Sweet ‘Orange Sun’

Capsicum annuum

Produces many 4”-5” peppers that ripen to a vibrant orange. Ideal for grilling, sautéing, and stuffing. Plant in full sun for harvesting in 81 days.


Pumpkin Mellow Yellow

Cucurbita pepo

A blocky-round pumpkin weighing 18-22 lb. with a strong green handle. Excellent for carving or
adding to your fall décor display. 105 days.


Squash, Summer ‘Cue Ball Mix’

Cucurbita pepo

Harvest when the round zucchini are 2”-3” in diameter. Great for stuffing, shish kabobs, or any preparation that calls for summer squash. The mix contains a bright yellow ‘One Ball’, a pale green ‘Cue Ball’, and a dark green ‘Eight Ball’. Plant in full sun for harvest in 35-40 days.

Tomato Cherry ‘Sungreen’

Solanum lycopersicum

When ripe, this cherry tomato stays lime-green, and has a very sweet taste with a tangy kick. Indeterminate and TOMV, TMV resistant. Plant in full sun for harvest in 58 days.


Tomato ‘Indigo Blue Beauty’

Solanum lycopersicum

While still ripening, the green fruit sports indigo blue shoulders. Indeterminate, crack and sunburn resistant, this beefsteak-type tomato grows 6-8 oz. Plant in full sun for harvest in 80 days.


Tomatillo ‘Husk Goldie Ground Cherry’

Physalia pruinosa

Fruit is wrapped in lantern like papery husk. Very tasty, tomato/pineapple like blend. Can be eaten raw, dried, preserved and stewed. Used in salads, pies, sauces, jams and jellies. Grows in full sun and matures in 70 days.

Here is a useful guide from The University of Illinois Extension, ‘When Should I Plant?’

We make every effort to be responsible, eco-friendly, and sustainable. All of our vegetable plants are grown using only products approved for organic growing. We use natural practices including employing beneficial insects. Our seeds and cuttings are organically grown and non-GMO. If any of the above varieties are out of stock when you shop, ask the Annuals staff for a good substitute!