Our Promise to You

The Growing Place

We stand behind the quality of our plants and ensure that when you take them home each plant is healthy and true to its name. We’ll help you find the right plant for the right place and give you growing advice so you can have success in the garden.

Your Responsibility

We cannot warranty plants against conditions that are beyond our control. (ie, animal damage, weather, plants left in containers, improper planting, placement or care.) To protect your investment, please use our recommendations to help your plants thrive.

  • Water properly: Follow our watering instructions.
  • Protect your plants from animal damage: use chicken wire or other protection
  • Mulch correctly: avoid smothering plant(s) with too much mulch. Do not mulch at base or within 2” around plant.
  • Plant within 2-3 days in the conditions the plant is best suited.

Pick up a FREE copy of our 2020 Plant Guide. It includes a Getting Started in the Garden section with best practices for planting, watering and caring for your plants.

Our Warranty

We offer a one-time store credit for the plant purchase price of the plant that failed. Email 1-3 small-sized photos of the plant and your receipt to grow@thegrowingplace.com before bringing in your failed plant.

  • Trees, shrubs, & evergreens: Warranty for one year from date of purchase.
  • Perennials & roses: Warranty for the current growing season. (Growing season defined as April 1 – October 1)
  • Annuals, herbs, vegetables, trees/shrubs/perennials used in containers, and discounted landscaper purchases are not covered under the warranty.

Returns & Exchanges

Items for return or exchange must be in original condition. Receipt required. Because plants are living things, we cannot accept returns on plants that have been left in their pots too long without proper care or plants that have already been planted.

  • Cash/credit card refund within 7 days for live material and hard goods: Receipt required. Plant or item must be in the same condition and container as purchased.
  • Store credit within 30 days for hard goods: Receipt required. Item must be in the same condition and packaging as purchased.
  • Holiday Greens & Designer-created Containers: Refund within 24 hours. Receipt required.


Plant Search

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Our online plant search is here to help you plan your garden or landscape. Search our selections for pictures and detailed descriptions about most of the plants we carry.