The selection of plants for butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees is almost endless. Our Perennial and Annual plant experts currently offer a variety on display at both locations in Naperville and Aurora. We’ve put together some combinations to give you blooms throughout the season. Choose your favorite combo or go ala carte. Plant in a container or in your garden. Here are a few perennial combinations for full sun offering blooms at various times to keep pollinators coming back for more. Watch and see who shows up for dinner.

These are 4 of the combos we’ve put together. Stop in to see them all!

All A’Flutter

  • Asclepias tuberosa, milkweed is the only host plant Monarch butterflies lay eggs on
  • Calamintha Montrose White, self-cleaning, fragrant sprays of white flowers are not floppy
  • Sedum Dazzleberry, vigorous and attractive all season
  • Sedum Pure Joy, perfect in containers, as an edging, and in a rock garden


Luscious Liatris

  • Asclepias tuberosa, showy, brilliant orange-red flowers compliment purple liatris
  • Liatris Kobold, dramatic, upright, fuzzy-looking flowers bloom from top to bottom of stem
  • Rudbeckia American Gold Rush, beloved, well-flowered and showy splash of color
  • Verbena bipinnitifida, dark green, lacy foliage has a trailing spreading habit


Rude Becky

  • Agastache rupestris, unique coral flowers, finely textured foliage, and a spicy fragrance
  • Rudbeckia Little Gold Star, it’s a mini-me Black-Eyed Susan
  • Sedum mix, a variety of groundcover sedums for varying color, texture, and bloom times
  • Sedum Night Embers, dramatic plum-black shiny leaves and pretty pink flowers


All A’Buzz

  • Asclepias tuberosa, considered to be the most garden worthy of our native milkweeds
  • Calamintha Montrose White, fragrant sprays of white flowers are a bee magnet
  • Sedum Dazzleberry, smoky blue-gray, thick succulent foliage with pink blooms
  • Sedum Lime Twister, wonderful in containers, as a ground cover, or in miniature gardens
  • Sedum Pure Joy, bubblegum pink flowers bloom over blue-green succulent leaves