We receive many questions come fall regarding home landscaping. Read our weekly blogs this fall as we answer the most common inquiries to help you make the plants at your place happy. Today we address “Is it too late to plant?” Fall is a great season for planting!

AdvantagesSugar Maple Leaves in Fall

  • Cooler air temps bring less stress on the plant
  • Warm soil temps give roots time to grow
  • Roots continue growing long after the top has gone dormant
  • Less watering is required
  • Plant up until the ground freezes
  • Plant flower bulbs and garlic bulbs now





AmendmentsGarden Ammendments

  • Espoma Bio-Tone supports plant growth
  • A 2-inch layer of mulch helps maintain soil moisture
  • A soil moisture meter will determine water needed
  • A ruler will measure the depth of planting hole
  • A trunk wrap protects young tree bark from cold and pests
  • Plant fencing protects bark from rabbits





Teasing Roots

Root Preparation for All Plants – Don’t Forget to Tease the Roots!
• If the plant’s roots are circling, pry them apart and spread out in your planting hole.
• If the roots are thicker and dense, cutting the roots vertically works well.

  • Choose the right plant for the right place knowing light, soil and moisture needs (We will help you!)
  • Tease the roots to encourage growth into the surrounding soil
  • Dig a sloped planting hole three times the width of the potted tree
  • Plant shrubs no deeper than they are in the container
  • A handful of soil should crumble in your hand and not stick together. Do not plant when soil is too wet or ground is frozen.