It’s cold and snowy. We want to see some green! Do you suffer from spring fever, too? It’s time for some late winter survival tips while we wait for the first bulbs to burst through the soil and plant buds to bloom.

10. You follow every garden group on social media to chase away the winter blues and see how other people are coping with all the snow.
9. You rush to check your growing table every day to see if your seeds have sprouted.
8. Your phone’s photo storage is full of images with flowers in bloom.
7. You run outside at the first hint of sunshine to search for sprouting early spring bulbs.
6. You brought a bag of potting mix inside just to get a hint of that fresh spring soil smell.
5. You don’t hesitate to brave the treacherous winter roads to enjoy a day of beauty at the Garfield Park or Oak Park Conservatory.

Photo by Ted Sajor on Unsplash

4. You learned to force branches of forsythia, magnolia, redbud, pear and crab apple trees in vases adorn your home with spring blooms.

(You can read how to force branches here.)

3. You sign up to take all of The Growing Place classes and are on a first name basis with our expert employees!

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2. Valentine’s Day was no big deal compared to the love you show your overwintered geranium when it starts to bloom!
1. The third week of March is circled in red as you await the 2022 edition of the Growing Place Plant Guide!

(Browse our Online Plant Search while you wait)

Only 5 weeks until Opening Day, April 1. We can make it! See you soon!