When walking through the neighborhood or taking a drive, notice how many spring blooming trees and shrubs catch your eye. You probably have a spot in mind where one will fit in your yard. Here are a few choices that work well in suburban landscapes.

Ornamental Trees

Create late spring curb appeal watching the deep purple-red blossoms open to dark pink flowers before the foliage emerges. Ann Magnolia is a favorite fragrant, feature plant. Foliage turns coppery gold in fall. Plant in average, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Magnolias do not tolerate wet soil. Grows 10’-12’ H by 10’-12’ W with a rounded form and slow growth rate of less than one foot a year.

‘Snofozam’ Cherry

Prunus x Snow Fountains

A smaller cherry tree more finely branched than other varieties. The cascading branches grace your yard with an artistic expression. Beneficial pollinators are attracted to the white blooms mid spring. Orange and gold fall foliage brings delight before winter winds sway the branches for continued year round interest. ‘Snow Fountains’ grows 12’-15’ H by 6’-8’ W in a weeping form with a medium growth rate of 1’-2’ a year.

A dwarf crab with low-spreading branches is lovely in late spring when red buds open to white flowers. The red fruit is persistent and will bring birds in to view. The Tina Crab is a Growing place Choice Plant, chosen for its strong performance, attractiveness, and easy to maintain habit. Disease resistant with year round interest, plant in average soil with full sun exposure to grow 6’-8’ H by 8’-10’W with a slow growth rate of less than one foot a year.

Flowering Shrubs

Compact Viburnum Spice Baby

Viburnum carlesii ‘SMVCB’ 

A great choice for smaller landscapes, a spicy fragrance of white blooms fills the air in late spring on the Spice Baby Viburnum. Plant in full sun to part shade in average, well drained soil. Green foliage turns wine red in fall. Stays petite, growing 4’-5’H by 4’-5’W with a medium growth rate of less than one foot a year. Another Growing place Choice plant, Spice Baby is deer resistant yet attractive to pollinators.

The perfect four season plant with spring flowers, shiny summer foliage, a range of fall color and contrast to conifers and deciduous plants in winter. Karen’s Azalea retains most of its leaves through winter. By mid spring, 2” lavender-pink flowers adorn the branches attracting the first pollinators. Plant this Growing place Choice shrub in full sun ot part shade in average, well drained soil. Grows 2’-3’H by 3’-4’W in a rounded form with a slow to medium growth rate.

Adaptable to different soil types, this dwarf serviceberry has showy white flowers in spring following by delicious berries in June. Fall turns the foliage to hues of red and orange. Plant the Growing Place Choice shrub in full sun to part shade in average soil, though it is wet tolerant. Grows 4’-6’H by 4’-6’W in an upright form with a slow growth rate.

Trees and shrubs not only provide shade and privacy to your home environment. The aesthetic value of year round interest makes the views from looking out your windows and around your yard more enjoyable. Fragrance, flowers, interesting shapes and colors, unusual bark and branches, all add to bringing nature closer into view.