Are you noticing all the beautiful blossoms on ornamental trees and shrubs as you drive around town this spring? You probably have a spot in mind where one will fit in your yard. Here are a few choices that will work in small spaces.

Our Tree & Shrub Dept. strives to offer hardy and healthy plants that are obtained from Northern nurseries with a climate similar to ours.

Prunus ‘Snow Fountains’, Snow Fountains Yoshino Cherry

This weeping cherry is smaller and more finely branched than other varieties. Its beautiful cascading form adds an artistic expression while attracting pollinators to the garden with white blooms mid-spring. Attractive orange and gold fall color with winter interest. Medium growth rate. Grows 12’ – 15’ H by 6’ – 8’ W with a weeping form.

Consider sun, soil, and moisture needs of plants when choosing what to plant. Pick up a free Plant Guide the next time you visit for gardening tips!

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’ Tree Form, Limelight Hydrangea (tree form)

Excellent small specimen tree to add summer blooms to the garden. This is the hardiest, most reliably flowering of all the hydrangeas and is a Growing Place Choice plant. White 6”-12” panicles can be an open, conical shape to a showy pyramidal form. Initially blooms white mid-summer. As the flowers age, they mature through early fall, blooms change to shades of purplish pink. Fall color ranges from yellow to orange and rose. Cut a few blooms for floral arrangements, and leave others in place for winter interest. Available in various cultivars throughout the year. Plant in average soil, full sun to part shade. Grows 8’ – 10’ H by 8’ – 10’ W with a rounded form.

Looking online before purchase? There are care tips and photos of most of the trees and shrubs we carry on our Plant Search.

Acer palmatum ‘Garnet’, Garnet Cutleaf Japanese Maple

Lovely, cascading branches have delicate, lacy burgundy foliage that is more orange-red in the sun. Leaves turn bright red in the fall. Best planted in average, well-drained soil, in dappled shade, protected from winter winds, and mulched well. Varying sizes of Cutleaf Japanese Maple varieties range in growth from 6’ – 10’ H by 6’ – 10’ W with a rounded form and slow growth rate.

Both locations offer over an acre of Learning Gardens where you can see mature plants in landscaped beds for inspiration.

Amelanchier Canadensis, Shadblow Serviceberry

A large suckering shrub with showy, white flowers in late spring and edible blue-black berries in early summer. This Growing Place Choice plant will attract birds and pollinators. Foliage is a medium green, turning golden yellow to orange in fall. Plant the native, wet tolerant Shadblow Serviceberry in average soil, full sun to part shade. Grows 15’ – 20’ H by 12’ – 15’ W with a vase-shaped form. HEIRLOOM 1776

Watch our Landscape Success webinar for tips on picking out the right plants for your home.

Magnolia ‘Ann’, Ann Magnolia

Deep purple-red blossoms open to fragrant, dark pink flowers before the foliage emerges, creating a magnificent early spring display for pollinators and curb appeal. Ann Magnolia is an excellent feature plant in fall as well, with coppery gold color. Plant in average, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Magnolias do not tolerate wet soil. Grows 10’ – 12’ H by 10’ – 12’ W with a rounded form and slow growth rate.

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Cornus mas ‘Golden Glory’, Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

One of the first shrubs to bloom in spring with yellow blossoms that attract early pollinators. Red berries in summer attract birds on this Growing Place Choice disease-resistant plant. The dark green glossy foliage turns a bright red-purple for great fall color while the exfoliating bark is attractive during winter and year-round. Consider this small tree with its slow growth rate for a shrub border or screen. Plant in average soil, full sun to part shade for growth up to 12’ – 15’ H by 8’ – 10’ W with an oval form.

Our Growing Place Choice plants are chosen because they are strong performers year after year, staying attractive with less maintenance when planted in the right place.

Malus sargentii ‘Tina’, Tina Flowering Crab

A dwarf crab with low-spreading branches looks lovely with red buds opening to single, white flowers in late spring. Red fruit is persistent. Attract pollinators and birds with this unique specimen tree. Plant this Growing Place Choice, disease-resistant plant in average soil with full sun exposure to grow 6’ – 8’ H by 8′ – 10′ W with a spreading form.