We have made over 50 pump-cculents (pumpkins decorated with succulents)with customers so far this season and everyone loves their creations! Add the look of succulents and natural materials topping a pumpkin or gourd to your indoor fall decor. We are happy to share our recipe for long-lasting success! This is a great activity to do with friends and family of all ages with no carving involved!

Supplies you will use for this project:

Pump-cculent Supplies

  • Several pumpkins or large gourds of varying size/color/shape
  • Moss
  • Various succulents or sedums, annual or perennial
  • Dried leaves or flowers, grass stalks, acorns, pinecones, bark, seed pods
  • Hot glue
  • Clear coating (optional)





Find the perfect pumpkins or gourds with natural indents near the stem and no soft spots. Clean the pumpkins off. You can either leave the stem on and build around it or shorten or remove the stems.

Apply a clear adhesive coat found at a craft or art supply store. Though optional, clear coating will protect the pumpkins, give them a shiny exterior and keep them beautiful through Thanksgiving.




Use a hot glue gun to attach a wad of moss into the indent of the pumpkin. On top of the moss is where you attach all of the succulent/sedum plants and dried goods.

Cut off various parts of the succulents to attach to the pumpkin. Start with a larger piece as the center point. No worries if you do not have a set image in your head of what the arrangement will look like. Keep adding plants and dried goods until you like how it looks.




Finished Pump-cculents

Mist the plants at the most, once a week. Keep out of direct sunlight for the pumpkin to last. Since the pumpkin is not carved, and succulents require very little water, this living fall decoration can last all season.